IL-14: Portend of Things to Come? Ted “The Truth” Gradel Kicked Footballs AND Boxed at Notre Dame

Ted Gradel

Chicago Tribune Sports Story About Daughters Reveals Boxing Past

On Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune ran a sports story centered around one of 14th district candidate Ted Gradel’s daughters who is competing for a boxing title at Notre Dame.

The story also included Gradel’s two oldest daughters followed in their father’s footsteps in more ways at Notre Dame than simply attending college in South Bend.

Gradel was a champion boxer.

I don’t remember reading that in his bio when he declared his candidacy 5 1/2 months ago.

This 1986 pic a foreshadowing to November 3, 2020 General Election?

One cannot help to think the timing of this story, within a week after the Lake County Republican Party’s executive committee endorsement of one of his primary rivals is purely coincidental.

The timing had nothing to do with politics. The boxing tournament is taking place, with last night being the quarterfinals where Gradel’s daughter is competing for a 3rd title.

Gradel did say he wanted to “kick tails in Congress”, one didn’t think “boxing ears” would be something he might have to do in Congress or on the campaign trail.

Nevertheless, the Tribune story is quite a read, given Gradel had the fight nickname “The Truth”, and his oldest daughter “Dr. Cool” and his middle daughter “Full Throttle”.

In all seriousness, the story shows Gradel in a much more important role in life — a Christian father inspiring his daughters to succeed, and encouraging their growth now they are young adults.

Like a verse in Psalm 128, Gradel lives the Word.

And his daughters followed in their father’s footsteps.

See Gradel’s own words, in the Facebook post.

Link to the Tribune article in the embedded post:

So proud of my daughters, featured today in this Chicago Tribune story by Teddy Greenstein! They are wonderful examples…

Posted by Ted Gradel for Congress on Wednesday, November 6, 2019


IL-14: Portend of Things to Come? Ted “The Truth” Gradel Kicked Footballs AND Boxed at Notre Dame — 14 Comments

  1. Cool, his daughter boxes and he is a Jesus freak like you Lopez, and that somehow qualifies him for Congress?

  2. Really,Sfeve? What’s the number of black and or gay members of Congress compared to Christians?

  3. Joe, I don’t care about black or gay. My comment is about Heinrich who claims everyone of the republicans is unqualified, but never lists his “qualifications”. No more “unqualified” than Underwood was two years ago.

  4. Actually Heinrich is a puppet commenter, groomed by the Rooskies, to take votes away from 14th District Republicans.

  5. Lopez simply described Gradel as “a Christian father” and you, Heinrich, called him (Gradel) a “Jesus freak”?

    Is that how you talk about all religious people? Freaks? Why do you have so much contempt?

  6. Perhaps the commenter could give his definition of “Jesus freak”.

    And of course, one’s religion is not a qualification for any public office.

  7. This Gradel guy seems like a nice man. Would like to know more about him. Like where he worked earlier this year. Maybe I will Google him and see what comes up.

  8. Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard never tires of making a fool of
    himself just like his namesake Joe Biden.
    Both are good examples of what not to be when you grow up.

  9. For the record, I have no problem with Republicans, the problem is with people like this intern Lopez who, under the guise of journalism, is pushing candidates based on his bullshit religious beliefs. Notice you have not seen anything about in this blog about the 14th District candidates’ thoughts on the issues, just whether they have a relationship with god that Lopez approves of or, in the case of a young female candidate, what kind of man she wants. He should be writing, if that’s what he calls it, for his church newsletter.

  10. Mr. Heinrich, I think you need to read this blog more closely, as I’ve talked more about issues, and Underwood’s record more than most.

    And, I would love to see the Republican candidates talk issues more. Problem is, outside of talking points, sound bites, platitudes and bromides, only on rare occasions are the candidates talking the issues.

    But please, keep reading, and I pray for you to learn something from my writings.

    And as always, opinions vary.

  11. “I think you need to read this blog more closely”. Advice taken…meeeeeeoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  12. What? John is constantly writing about specific pieces of legislation — stuff that 99 percent of people don’t know about.

    It’s not that Lopez isn’t covering their stances.

    The problem is the candidates are being vague or silent too often.

    He and Cal have, on many occasions, encouraged candidates to send press releases and get more specific on issues, and when candidates do so it’s published on here.

    There was just one about Marter and veteran issues a few days ago.

    Is the NW Herald telling you how Sue Rezin and Jim Oberweis voted differently on this or that?

    No, but this blog is.

    As far as John writing about religion, just try to remember that a blog is going to be a mix of real news and the author’s opinion.

    If you’re expecting hard journalism here, you’re going to have a bad time.

    The “what kind of man” are you looking for is a question asked to Catalina by some podcast or radio guy.

    Direct some of your anger at the many right-wing gatekeepers who decide to bring Catalina on their program, ignore every other candidate in the district, and use their time with her to ask puff questions like that.

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