Kane County Judge to Rule December 5th Whether Illinois Integrity Fund Should Be Unmasked

Joe Tirio’s lawsuit to learn who was behind the Illinois Integrity Fund’s defamatory flyers and what was Jack Franks’ involvement, may have moved one-step closer to a resolution.

The case has been assigned to Kane County Judge Kevin T. Busch – local McHenry County judges recused themselves from hearing the case. 

Shortly before a Monday night midnight deadline, Chicago attorney Natalie Harris asked the Illinois Supreme Court to reverse the Appellate Court’s September 30, 2019 decision requiring disclosure of the names of the parties behind the Illinois Integrity Fund and its flyers. 

One the Illinois Integrity Fund’s mailings to smear Joe Tirio.s reputation.

In court Tuesday afternoon, Harris urged Judge Busch to continue his partial stay which covers Tirio’s written requests filed in February asking Franks and the Illinois Integrity Fund to name who was behind the Illinois Integrity Fund and the flyers.

While the matter was on appeal the judge allowed only limited discovery if it did not reveal the identities of members of the Illinois Integrity Fund.

Tirio’s attorney, Philip Prossnitz countered it was unlikely the Supreme Court would reverse both the trial judge and three-judge appellate panel’s decisions requiring disclosure.

He argued Tirio must be afforded the chance to clear his name adding this this was not a free speech case, but a defamation case.

He also revealed to the judge that in documents provided by Harris late Monday, the Illinois Integrity Fund acknowledged they spent in excess of $20,000 on the three flyers. 

When an entity raises or spends $5,000 Illinois election law requires it file identifying disclosures with the State Board of Elections.

The Illinois Integrity Fund never filed any disclosures and used a fictitious address on the mailings.

The judge said he would not consider the criminal aspect of the case, but Prossnitz argued the violation of state election law took “the shine” off any suggestion that the case involved protecting the First Amendment. 

Noting he was swayed by Tirio’s arguments and perhaps the defendants were running out of options, Judge Busch said he will rule in Geneva on December 5th whether to continue the stay.


Kane County Judge to Rule December 5th Whether Illinois Integrity Fund Should Be Unmasked — 8 Comments

  1. Unmasking should be easy. Just ask Samantha Power or Susan Rice of the past Obama regime in DC how to do it. They did numerous of these.

  2. This dragging out by these Judges is disgusting and goes to show they are under the influence of Franks and cronies.

    This case has NOTHING to do with Freedom of Speech..

    If it did then those who did the speaking would not be hiding..

    These Judges in Illinois need to be investigated and removed.

    There is no freedom for any of us, there is no justice for any citizen where corruption lives.

  3. Agreed. Many Judges need to be investigated and removed.

    A Kane County Judge going through a divorce with his Attorney wife, brought the case under a change of venue to McHenry County.

    The Judge was Sharon Prather.

    The Husband started his Law firm long before the couple ever married.

    The couple had a lot of assets.

    The husband lost all of the assets including his law firm, his boat, all of the financial investments and the house.

    When the Divorce was finalized the wife turned around and tried to sell the boat back to him.

    Even Judges and Lawyers can be victims.

    It’s all about who you know and how much money one has.

    The Kane County Judge spoke to me in his Chambers.

  4. This is the message to the Judge, as the eyes of the world are upon you:

    Make the right decision and release the names.

    The Judicial Inquiry Board should be apprised as the litigation continues!

    Then Joe TIrio should take em to the cleaners!

  5. Daddy Warbucks Herbert Franks will see to it that defeat for Prossnitz will be grabbed out of the jaws of victory.

  6. As I thought, dala, you made that up.

    To those who throw around charges of bribery and corruption in the judiciary from the safety of your anonymity: give facts, names, details, and cases.

    I’ll investigate.

    Attacking the people involved in a fact finding process because you don’t like the facts disclosed by the process is dishonest.

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