Huntley Kit Kat Needle Story Recanted

From the Huntley Police Department:

Suspicious Incident – UPDATE

Upon further investigation, this incident was found to be fabricated and deemed unfounded.

Due to the age of the juvenile, there will be no criminal charges and consequences will be handled by the parents.


Huntley Kit Kat Needle Story Recanted — 6 Comments

  1. I remember this happening in Cary when I was a kid. Same scenario.

  2. Hey mom!

    I found a needle in my kit Kat bar!

    Sound the alarm. Ha ha

  3. Seriously didn’t mom and dad look at the candy when jr came home?

    Perhaps make a few inquiries before calling the police!

    Nah kids will be kids even if they are parents.

  4. The schools have denied county use for voting due to the possibility of pedophiles coming into schools yet parents let their kids go door to door to strangers houses begging for candy. Idiotic!

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