Skillicorn Wants Light in the Afternoon All Year Round

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Allen Skillicorn sponsors initiative to move Illinois to permanent Daylight Savings Time

Crystal Lake, IL – Recent news reports have highlighted some of the health risks associated with moving clocks forward and backward each year, which is one reason State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) is continuing to push legislation he introduced earlier this spring to make Daylight Savings Time permanent in Illinois.

The legislation (HB 3837) states that after 2 am on the second Sunday of March, 2020, clocks shall be moved forward one hour, and thereafter Daylight Savings Time would become the Standard Time in Illinois.

“Sleep is an important part of our overall health and there seems to be growing evidence that moving our clocks back in the Fall and forward in the Spring disrupts our sleep patterns,” Skillicorn said.

“Additionally, losing daylight in the afternoon can have adverse effects on mental health.

“There is no question that changing our clocks twice per year messes with our daily routines and just when we get used to the time change – it is time to change our clocks again.”

So far Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states to opt out of Daylight Savings Time.

“I think there will be renewed interest in the idea of embracing permanent Daylight Savings Time in Illinois given the health concerns being raised,” Skillicorn said.

“If we can’t get this done during the Veto Session, we should move quickly to get it passed into law next spring.”

House Bill 3837 has been introduced but has not been assigned to a legislative committee.


Skillicorn Wants Light in the Afternoon All Year Round — 15 Comments

  1. He makes daylight savings time sound more dangerous than smoking.

  2. Dumb idea.

    I have a better idea, no daylight savings time.

    Just leave the clocks on CST 365 days a year,
    and leave our circadian rhythms alone.

    To wit:

    Tired of daylight saving time? These places are trying to end it.
    It doesn’t save energy, and it seems to put health at risk. Now, efforts to stop the twice-yearly time shifts are inching closer to success.

    Each year, the approach of spring fills Scott Yates with a familiar sense of dread. The lengthening days and warmer weather are both signals that Yates—along with millions of U.S. residents—will soon be forced over an annual hurdle: shifting the clocks forward at the start of daylight saving time.

    The impacts of this change, and the paired “falling back” of the clocks in autumn, run from mild annoyances to potentially severe consequences, including higher risk of heart attacks, fatal car crashes, and harsher judicial sentences. Yet with many business interests siding with the annual observance of daylight saving time—often incorrectly called daylight “savings” time—the pesky time change persists across most of the United States.

    “It drives everybody nuts,” says Yates, who is a daylight saving time activist and entrepreneur-in-residence at the nonprofit firm CableLabs. He’s been campaigning for change since 2014, when his wife, Kathy Yates, challenged him to turn his grumbles into action.

  3. Az.doesn’t change neither does Hawaii and I love them both!

  4. Don’t want daylight savings time in late fall and winter. With it, some children going to school in the morning are in the dark. Daylight savings time is great in spring, summer and early fall in that it gives all people more daylight to do things outside, whether working in the yard, on the house, or simply having fun outdoors.

  5. It’s one hour twice a year.

    If people are too stupid to adjust, I can’t help them.

  6. Standard time, daylight savings time… I don’t care. Just pick one and stick with it.

    Allen is not alone on this issue either, so the haters can’t say this is just Allen doing his typical wacky things.

    This is being pushed by one of the most popular Democrats in the whole legislature, Andy Manar.

  7. Big Orange? It was a really stupid idea in the first place. It accomplished nothing but pandemonium. Paul Revere has put out some very good facts you should have considered. But no matter, you follow whatever you are told to do. I guess you don’t have a dog or a cat that has to go out, eat, or get their treat at precisely three o’clock every day. It totally screws up their lives to change clocks back and forth. But you go ahead and call them to tell them you can’t help them. I guess that will stop the whining. I nominate you for the dumbest comment ever posted on this blog. Ya vill follow orders no matter how nonsensical and then turn around and call out others as stupid for not being down with your Gestapo! All Heil Big Orange. You, are the king of stupid!

  8. For those having trouble adjusting clocks – Just think when falling down and then getting back up.

    If you trip on something while walking, you FALL FORWARD.

    When you get up, you SPRING BACK.

  9. Hey Moonbat.

    “call out others as stupid for not being down with your Gestapo! All Heil Big Orange. You, are the king of stupid!”

    You think you deserve respect show some.

    Dogs and Cats can’t read a clock and will adjust.

  10. I love when republikkklan State representatives fight tirelessly for my best interests…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  11. Every Day is still Tax Day in Illinois.

    “Redistribute income from the productive to the parasites.”

    Democrat/RINO mantra.

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