WBBM-TV Puts Heat on DCFS to Take Corrective Action in McHenry County

Last night on the Six O’Clock News, CBS in Chicago festured a heretofore unknown October 22nd letter from McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally criticizing the Department of Children and Family Services for inaction in the AJ Freund case.

The letter was sent to State Senator Steve McClure, who before entering the legislature, was an Assistant Sangamon County State’s Attorney, plus to a State Representative whose name was not revealed by WBBM.

In his letter, Kenneally is reported to have concluded that DCFS services in McHenry County have “gotten worse” since AJ was killed.

He points to “a lack of accountability for inadequate perfomance” as the “root” cause.

Kenneally outlines three subsequent cases where DCFS has failed.

β€œTo illustrate this point, consider the fact that, six months later, DCFS has yet to determine, one way or the other, whether any corrective or disciplinary action is warranted for its response to the December, 2018 complaint involving AJ Freund,” Kenneally observed,

That’s in spite of the face that the DCFS Inspector General, according to the Chicago Tribune, recommended the firing of AJ caseworker Carlos Acosta, a McHenry County Board member, and Kathleen Gold, and their supervisor Andrew Polovin.


WBBM-TV Puts Heat on DCFS to Take Corrective Action in McHenry County — 13 Comments

  1. Our Illinois state government doing its usual job, not a damn thing

  2. Keep voting DEMOCRAT, and they will continue murdering the children.

    Did this post “trigger” you, Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard ?

    Too bad, deal with it.

  3. Ask any divorce or criminal lawyer what they think about DCFS and it won’t be complimentary, ask any school administrator and it won’t be complimentary, ask any police officer, same answer, been that way for years.

    Not saying that there are not many wonderful caseworkers who really care and work hard but they are soon disillusioned and burnt out.

    Big Brother can not take care of our children…that is the child’s families responsibility.

  4. Fred, add hospital workers to list of mandatory reporters that are very frustrated and disgusted with DCFS.

  5. Thank you State’s Attorney Keaneally for being a spokesman for justice, expediency, and common sense. DCFS is lacking in all those characteristics.

  6. Kenneally, will continue to shine a light on this tragedy.

    Kenneally, is doing the right thing and he works for the people.

  7. A “BIG SHOUT OUT” to the people at CBS for reporting the story of AJ Freund and DCFS.

    Thank you for those efforts, as the the wheels of justice turn slowly.

  8. Funny how you don’t hear so much about this in the northwurst herald.

  9. Why are these DCFS workers still working there when they suck so bad children kept getting abused and one was killed admittedly by the drug riddled parents!?

  10. My heart goes out to A.J. It is so sad that the DCFS workers saw nothing wrong with giving you back to known drug addicts. Pat Kenneally wrote a letter to DCFS complaining about his concerns long before this happened.

    Thank you Pat for at least trying.

    Truth be told, we elected that DCFS worker to be on the County board.

    We had no idea at the time.

    That is OUR problem because we don’t do our homework before casting a vote.

    WE need to start paying more attention to whom we vote for.

    And even more so, what they do in office after being elected.

    They report to no one – except us voters.

    WE need to start paying more attention to those we vote into office.

    WE are their only watchdogs.

    Despite our cries for his resignation from the board – it will NEVER happen unless WE ROAR!! petitions, calls and letters, political pressure to the highest person running for office.

    It’s time to say NO!

    I will not vote for you until you do something about this injustice!!

    Political pressure is the only way to put an end to the man’s career who is responsible for making bad decisions.

    RIP you innocent angel!!

  11. Kenneally is a lazy loser.

    Why is Acosta still not indicted? Miller? McClellan?

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