IL-06: Jeanne Ives Launches Digital Attack Ad on Sean Casten Calling Dan Crenshaw Racist

Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX-02)

Veterans Day Weekend Ad Discusses Sean Casten Attacking Veteran Dan Crenshaw

On Friday in Facebook, 6th congressional district Republican candidate Jeanne Ives launched a digital attack ad against Congressman Sean Casten over Casten’s comments last month calling Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw a “racist” at a town hall meeting on October 5th.

The Facebook video of the ad is embedded below, and you’ll need to click the sound icon to hear the ad:

Immature and Repulsive

Sean Casten should be ashamed.He attacked Congressman Dan Crenshaw, a Navy Seal veteran and American hero, calling him a racist.What did Congressman Crenshaw do to deserve this?He introduced a bill that would have prevented illegal immigrants from voting in our elections. Former Marine Corp veteran, Paul Hall, weighed in on Sean Casten's character assassination calling it 'insulting and degrading.' Congressman Crenshaw served three tours of duty and was wounded in battle. He’s one of America’s best. Hall believes the great people of Illinois deserve better than Sean Casten, and that is why he is supporting me in my race for Congress. When I get to Congress, I will proudly stand with Congressman Crenshaw, stand up for those like Paul Hall who have served their country and stand against the vicious attacks by radicals like Sean Casten.

Posted by Jeanne Ives on Friday, November 8, 2019

If the gentleman doing talking in the ad looks familiar, he should. In late September, the Jeanne for Congress campaign introduced 4-time Purple Heart recipient Paul Hall as a supporter for her campaign, who is Congressman Casten’s next door neighbor in Downers Grove.

A clarification of what Mr. Hall said in the ad. Crenshaw was introducing an amendment to a bill, H.R. 1, the For the People Act, through a Motion to Recommit, and not a bill.

The full context of the Casten-Crenshaw dispute can be viewed in this article from mid October, which includes video of what exactly both Casten said on October 5th and Crenshaw said on the floor of the House back on March 8th.


IL-06: Jeanne Ives Launches Digital Attack Ad on Sean Casten Calling Dan Crenshaw Racist — 11 Comments

  1. What a piece of garbage. Just like the top Democrat senator who once said that our US Military were equivalent to Nazi storm troopers. Remember. This guy, so stupid, compared the taking of the life of an infant in the womb as no more than a gall bladder surgery. Don’t forget that some Democrat politicians are in favor of killing infants AFTER they are born. These Democrat politicians are out east including a racist who professed to be either a klan member or did black face. Do not trust any Democrat.

  2. Trust my Political Science and Sociology professor. He knows what he is talking about…stay tuned…357 days…tic, toc, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. It is funny how Republicans pick and choose the targets for outrage.

    I can think of a few veterans- military heroes even – viciously attacked by Donald Trump.

    Crickets from the right.

    What is Ives saying about Don Junior comparing his family ‘s sacrifice to those heroes buried at Arlington National?

  4. Is it an ad or just a video posted by Jeanne on her facebook?

    There is a difference but I wouldn’t expect Lopez to know the difference.

    An ad would have money behind it that people would see outside of her facebook page and reposts.

    Sean Casten is an awful person who has a weird ego complex and thinks he is a lot cooler than he is even though he’s a loser who tries to up his twitter followers by attacking republican senators because he thinks having a twitter following is what matters.

    With that being said Kvidera has a point. Where is Jeanne when Trump attacks members of the military?

  5. FLamont, you actually have a point.

    Sure looks like an ad, but I did not say there is an “ad buy”.

    Looks like there could be a buy with this video in the future, but as is, it’s too long (40 seconds) and lacks the required disclaimer (“I’m Jeanne Ives, and I approve this message”)

    Good catch.

  6. All Whites are racists for the libtards, except LGBTQXYZ Whites, right Kvidera?

    That’s why you get a pass.

  7. Leave Kvidera alone.

    He’s gender confused.

    And he’s so passé.

  8. Crenshaw is just another Sycophant of the Con Man, Fraud, Pathological Liar and Treasonous Felon debasing our Whitehouse, Constitution, Democracy and Rule of Law.

    The 5 time Draft Dodger whose own son, Don Jr, Said when looking out at the Crosses of our buried heroes in Arlington, that his Trump Crime Family has made equal sacrifices as our veterans by running for office.

    Any Vetgeran that still supports this Fascist Despot is either brainwashed by Foxnews or displays the same Moral, Ethical, Legal, Constitutional and Christian Depravity as tRump Himself!

  9. The last two presidents to have served in the U.S. Military were Republicans George Herbert Walker Bush and his son. The last two Democrat presidents, Barak Hussein Obama and Bill Clinton, did not serve in the U.S. Military. In fact Obama was not friendly to the Military and had severely cut back on its budget. Current President Trump has had to allocate many extra tens of billions to update Defense spending and restore the Military harmed by Obama.

  10. Bred, Just a warning.

    Ignore this buffoon.

    He is legendary on the NWH. the more you argue the more nonsense he will post.

    He has driven most posterers from the herald.

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