Hard to See How County Risk Manager’s Anti-Stalking Order Against Mary McClellan Will Be Extended

. When McHenry County Risk Manager Lisa Shamhart filed a pro se petition requesting that Circuit Court judicial candidate Mary McClellan be kept 500 feet away.

Based on the following allegations, Associate Judge Jennifer Johnson granted an anti-stalking order for 200 feet on October 25th lasting through November 15th, when a full hesring ill be held.


Hard to See How County Risk Manager’s Anti-Stalking Order Against Mary McClellan Will Be Extended — 10 Comments

  1. Did you lob this back into the Cal-iphate just to stir up the nuts?

    I’m astounded that an order was granted.

    Someone threw a rock through my window.

    Cal doesn’t like me.

    Cal has rocks.

    Obviously, Cal did it?

    Maybe more evidence was offered in Q and A between the judge and petitioner.

    If substantial additional facts came out, however, best practice would have been to require the petitioner to amend the petition to give notice of those facts.

    Of course, I wasn’t there, so I’m curious how this will play out.

  2. Cal and Martin are legal wizs all right.

    Well, there is more to it.

    Goo-goo McClellan left her wallet at the scene.

  3. And her DNA was on the duck torso.

    All the duck’s blood was sucked out of it.

    Really creepy.

  4. Martin, your comparison would be more convincing if Cal and his spouse had a history of being incompetent, mentally ill lying buffoons.

    Nice try Martin, and for what it is worth, I had a good laugh lunchmeat.

  5. The granting of this protection order was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    Where is the evidence because they’re duck Hunters that means they’re guilty.

    That could be half or more of McHenry County.

    People who I have real abuse issues where they have been beaten up or harassed by an ex can’t get protection orders but this person can can protection order because of a damn duck.

    we need to start holding these judges accountable for these idiotic ruling.

  6. Jennifer Johnson is a good judge, McClellan would be a sad and dangerous joke as a judge.

    Between a lying, cheating, manipulative McClellan and the duck, I would go with the duck every time, with or without a head.

  7. ID left at the scene is pretty good evidence.

    Doorbell camera (or two…petition implies maybe two locations) would be great.

    The hearing may be enlightening.

  8. Dislike of McClellan does not equate to the judge granting an OP against her as being a “good judge.”

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