IL-14: Catalina Lauf Takes Aim at Primary Opponents on the 2nd Amendment

Catalina Lauf

Veiled Reference to Jim Oberweis, Sue Rezin and Ted Gradel as “deep pocketed party boss politicians” not lost on discerning voters

Echoes of Governor Susana Martinez (R, NM) Qualifying for Concealed Carry Video from 2011 Comes to Mind Too

14th district Republican congressional candidate Catalina Lauf is literally taking aim at her top-tier primary rivals in a post on her campaign Facebook page early Friday evening:

Source: Catalina for Congress Facebook Page

And in an August 19th Instagram post, she talks about her 9mm shooting practice, within 3 days before launching her campaign, donning the same t-shirt worn in the Facebook post.

McHenry County Blog has confirmed Lauf herself is aiming the gun, wearing the t-shirt from Veterans-owned Live Free or Die Apparel.

COMMENTARY: Lauf’s campaign is going on offense to gain support from 2nd amendment supporters not only locally, but from around the country.

And her veiled reference to her 3 top-tier opponents of Jim Oberweis, Sue Rezin and Ted Gradel will sooner or later be coupled with this reminder to passionate supporters of the 2nd amendment:

  • Both Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin voted in favor of the Illinois Red Flag Law on May 30, 2018 in the state senate
  • Ted Gradel has yet to state a position on the 2nd amendment, per his campaign’s web site

And this Twitter exchange on the 2nd amendment and the Violence Against Women Act (H.R. 1585) with AOC shows Lauf’s knowledge and stance on congressional legislation impacting the 2nd amendment, over 2 weeks prior to declaring her candidacy:

In the August 25th interview in The Daily Wire, Lauf expanded on her view of the Violence Against Women act being unconstitutional due to 2nd amendment reasons:

“We need to stop compromising on our values. I’m disappointed when Republicans get cornered on an issue and cave to the other side.

“For example, the Violence Against Women Act. Of course, progressives named it that for obvious reasons, as a smokescreen so if anyone who voted against it they could immediately jump on them and say ‘Oh you’re against women?’

“Well, there’s more to that story. The ‘boyfriend loophole’ proposed a serious threat against our Constitution. We need people who will not cave, put our Constitution first, and stand up to pressure from the Left.

“I’m committed to doing that. Republicans, Americans as a whole frankly, deserve strong leaders. If you’ve been elected to be the voice of hundreds of thousands of people, your voice better be as powerful as hundreds of thousands of those people combined. That’s leadership.”

The Daily Wire, August 25
Note: The “boyfriend loophole” of H.R. 1585 was also opposed by the NRA, additionally, 33 Republicans voted in favor of H.R. 1585 when it passed the House

Comments to her Facebook post includes responses from outside of Illinois claiming to have donated to her campaign financially.

And the reply-device embedded in the meme, that’s more contacts for her 2nd amendment coalition she is building. And adding 1st amendment freedom will allow her to expand the base.

With the strong support Lauf already has from A.B.A.T.E. including the open support of the DuKane A.B.A.T.E. president, now she expands her coalition base with passionate 2nd amendment supporters, she’s moving to build conservative coalitions which could lead to victory in the primary.

Whether Lauf expands the reach of this messaging beyond the 6,700+ Facebook followers remains to be seen.

And here is the amateur video shot in 2011 of Governor Susana Martinez (R, NM) requalifying for her concealed carry permit. This was shot a little over 8 months after taking office. Martinez served 2 terms as governor until term-limited out of office at the end of last year.

She was the first Latina elected governor of any state.

Source: YouTube
In a radio interview with the NRA shortly after this video was shot, Martinez revealed that she had not practiced on the shooting range prior to the test, and she had perfect scores with .38 and .45 tests

Bonus: Lauf Shares Door to Door Observations from 11/9

One wonders if this will also be used against Oberweis and Rezin, given what is being said by voters:


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Takes Aim at Primary Opponents on the 2nd Amendment — 24 Comments

  1. What is she aiming at, something on a treehouse?

    I hope she keeps pushing against her own party.

  2. I am sure you’ve read my republikkklan brothers and sisters offering political advice to Democrats using phrases such as “if you want to win, you should…” and others; you know, as if they care about the success of their political opponents. Well, now it is time for me to offer sound and expert political advice to Catalina who obviously has been nearly completely ignored by this sunshine blog and its journalist wannabe. Catalina, you are appealing to a crowd of evangelical christians who self-describe as God-fearing, gun-clinging. Therefore, the next time you post a campaign video showcasing your unapologetic allegiance to the second amendment of the United States Constitution, please remember to hold the gun with one hand while holding the King James Bible on the other hand. The King James Bible should be open in the page that reads: “Put your trust in God, only He can keep you truly safe”. How about this for “killing two birds with one shot”? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. ‘This is like watching 2 children on their Instagram accounts.

    “OMG did you see that cool T-shirt?”

    So now she is hawking T-shirts?

  4. Her statement on VAWA is specific, something that just about all these campaigns have been lacking, so that’s good.

    The dig at Oberweis and Rezin is good, but why not just call them out? There’s no reason to be cryptic. Everybody is a unique person running against other unique people. Each person thinks they are the best candidate. If an opponent is wrong, they should be called out. Name them.

    The average voter doesn’t know about every bill and how everybody voted, like Lopez does. If you want to take votes away from other candidates, voters have to understand what their flaws are which means they have to be named. Don’t leave it up to bloggers to try to interpret who or what you’re referring to. People talk a lot about how they don’t like “negative politics” but it’s not a low-blow to go after someone’s own record (or lack of one).

    If she calls them out specifically, I think GOP voters on the fence about who to vote for would think better of her and less of them. They want to know they have a courageous fighter. Going after powerful people in your own party and putting them on blast for being out of touch with the party’s constituents and platform is a MUCH better way to show you’re a fighter than tweeting at AOC.

  5. The ever vigilant Resistance Censors, ensure that no one escapes the Struggle Sessions.

  6. Interesting to see the Carlos Acosta supporter talk about guns while he and his ilk demand the continued slaughter of millions of babies.

  7. Democrats have a sick sense of humora.

    They are also laughing at the “FALSE ACCUSAtiONS, FALSE IMPEACHMENT: of President Donald Trump.

  8. Correcting, thank you for the props.

    It was either Aristotle, or Lao Tzu who coined the phrase “start small and build”.

    A guess to Lauf’s campaign’s approach has to do with the calendar.

    It’s not even mid November, so the objective with this Facebook post was more building more grassroots support, particularly on the 2nd amendment.

    Before the holidays get here in 2 1/2 weeks, she is using her social media strength to consolidate the message that she is the one true champion for 2nd amendment supporters.

    As you and most others are aware, timing is everything in politics, and every campaign wants it’s best message to go out in late February and early March for the primary.

    Building more contacts through social media, and possible fundraising is the more immediate concern, right there with having petitions in order.

    Just an additional 2 cents that may help answer your question.

  9. By late February or early March a lot of people have already done early voting.

    One of Hultgren’s fatal flaws was not doing adequate offense against Underwood until a few days before the election, and the same could apply in a primary.

    I’m crossing my fingers for a debate or forum in December or January with all the candidates who are going to be on the ballot.

    Then GOP voters can see what these candidates are made of and how they operate under pressure.

  10. Lauf is in a no lose campaign.

    She is young enough to have a solid showing propel her into a whole other stratosphere in conservative circles.

    If she wins that’s great but she probably shouldn’t as DC needs a bit more political experience to negotiate.

    She has a magnificent voice and will contribute to anyone who does win the Primary.

    Lauf is the diamond in the rough everyone wants to see refined.

    It will affect her entire future who she allows to help do the refining.

    She will certainly be the one to watch as she campaigns and grows.

    Good luck to her.

  11. Laura should return to Guatemala, and she should take Acosta and Lavonga with her.

  12. Pointing a gun at an undetermined target proves to be a very persuasive technique for most republikkklans. Stay tuned…358 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  13. Well Priest, she lost me.

    I OD’d on Lauf.

    She was Raunerite.

  14. If Milk Shake Jim looked as good as Catalina Fluff in a T=shirt, Lopez would be drooling over his udders.

  15. How dare you cast doubt on the magical and life extending benefits, staring at boobs provides men.

    I say GOOD DAY to you sir!

  16. I think it’s fair to reiterate that Catalina Lauf has NEVER PAID property taxes in IL14. (She probably has never even seen a property tax bill knowing her daddy still takes care of her at 26 years old.)

    So her little video saying that “every other house is on sale” is from taxes.

    Yes, people are leaving Illinois because of taxes, but how is this congressional hopeful going to help that problem?

    She can’t do squat to stop it unless she helps Republicans in Illinois retake State Rep and Senate Seats.

    Oh wait, she has never done that either!

    She has never even been a Republican precinct committee woman for IL14 district she “is running for.”

    In fact, she never voted in IL14 elections and instead went full throttle (paid $30k) to help RINO Bruce Rauner’s re-election bid instead of helping the conservative who really wanted to lower taxes in Illinois- that was Jeanne Ives.

  17. That reminds me that my opponents when I ran for McHenry County Treasurer at age 23 in 1966 pointed out that I had never piad property taxes and I lived with my parents.

  18. If she didn’t vote in the 14th district, did she vote in Chicago, Ohio, or D.C.?

    Do we have the voting record of anyone besides Marter?

  19. Correcting, we may have to do a FOIA in Woodstock. Lauf was living in Woodstock last fall, and presumably she cast her vote in McHenry County in the General Election last year.

    Given she was a college student at Miami for the 2012 election cycle, I thought college students stay registered to vote at their parents’ address, though not sure that works for out of state students. She wasn’t old enough to vote in 2010.

    We know through a LTE she was actively supporting Mitt Romney in 2012.

    It’s no secret she lived in Chicago through the summer of 2018. Where she lived between her graduating from Miami of Ohio in 2013 prior to her time with Rauner campaign is ambiguous.

    Similar questions are likely being asked about the other newcomers:

    Anthony Catella lived in St. Charles after his return from the priesthood in Louisiana in early 2015, and he was elected Republican precinct committeeman last year.

    Jerry Evans has been in DuPage County for nearly 20 years

    Ted Gradel has, to my knowledge lived in Will County for about 10 years.

    Danny Malouf grew up in Crystal Lake and owns a home in Woodstock.

    Maybe they all need to provide their respective voting histories?

  20. If Catalina Lauf did not pay taxes in McHenry County, she should be proclaimed an eternal hero. Nothing more exemplary in the eyes of republikkklans than not paying taxes. Aren’t these sunshine commenters tax-fighters led by the sunshine tax-fighter himself? Stay tuned…357 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. Let’s have some fun with this topic.

    OK all of you 2nd amendment aficionados, please ID the make/model of the 9mm Catalina Lauf is aiming in the Facebook pic in the article.

    It’s definitely not a Glock. I’m guessing a SigSauer for the make.

    I need a real expert’s eyes for the model.

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