Algonquin Township Abolition by Referendum Resolution

I’m reading the resolution that Algonquin Township Trustee David Chapman has prepared for consideration by the Algonquin Township Board on Wednesday night.

The first part outlines the new law that allows the abolition of townships in McHenry County via referendum.

If passed, township government function would be assumed by County government and, upon request with reagrd to regard to roads, municipalities.

Here is one high-minded paragraph in the resolution:

The notice to be published in the Northwest Herald reads like this:

So, a referendum next spring with the date for abolishing the township left to be inserted after a discussion on Wednesday night.

Likewise, the date of dissolution is left blank on the proposed ballot:

But, then we reach the notice that the McHenry County Clerk is instrjucted to publish:

Instead of waiting until after a discussion on Wednesday, Chapman has inserted May 18, 2037.

Trustee Rachael Lawrence, who has brought up the topic numerous times, observed, “It’s stupid.”

As the Church Lady would say, “Isn’t that special?”

Church Lady says, “Isn’t that special?”


Algonquin Township Abolition by Referendum Resolution — 9 Comments

  1. McHenry twh is on the right path, prove the change will save tax $$$$, then vote on it.

    April 2020 maybe to quick to prove a savings or not, but the date shown 2037, is BS.

  2. Consolidate the road district into the township first.

    Then look into the abolishment question.

  3. Same things go on in Nunda & McHenry Townships, and did in Algonquin under the Miller crime family….

    Just last week another Channel 2 expose:

    Joliet Township, Will Co.

    CHICAGO (CBS) — Personal landscaping done on the taxpayer’s dime.

    That’s one of the allegations against the Joliet Township supervisor made by employees who said they were forced to do the work.

    CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey digs into who owns the property.

    Joliet Township Road District crews said they were ordered to work on the property many times over the years. Even rebuilding a rock wall.

    The only problem it’s not owned by the township.

    It’s owned by the township supervisor.

    A parking lot expansion, hundreds of pounds worth of heavy lifting and extensive cleanup. Three Joliet Township Road District employees submitted signed affidavits that they did the work, on the clock, with township-owned equipment, over a period of about eight years.

    And property records show it’s owned by Township Supervisor Daniel Vera.

  4. Why wait Pokorny?

    What sense does that make!

    Lawrence makes sense for a change.

  5. That abolish date in 2037 will give the current rats their pensions and their brat nepotistic jobs for another generation.

  6. Because 2037 is way to long and there is no cohesive plan for any abolishment.

    How will this happen.

    I am all for abolishing townships.

    what is the plan?

  7. Consolidate within first, get that under control as we try to figure out how to abolish the whole thing.

    do it before 2037.

    Chapman is an idiot if he thinks that is a plan.

  8. Yeah, the McHenry Township reasoning for their 2037 dissolution date to give the highway commissioner enough time to complete the long-term capital plan, along with McHenry County needs that long to figure out how to absorb township services, is stupid.

    Should prove for an interesting meeting on Wednesday night.

    Wonder if Supervisor Chuck Lutzow will be back for this meeting?

  9. Lutzow was sighted feeding his fattened township face at the pricey Geneva Chop House in Lake Geneva.

    If he can stuff his face on steaks there, he can stuff himself into his township supervisor chair!

    How long will this go on???

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