McHenry and Nunda Township Road Commissioners’ Suit to Save Jobs Decried

A letter to the Northwest Herald, reprinted with permission of its author, Bob Anderson:

Township Road Commissioners Seek Court Action to Preserve Their Empires

Township Cronyism surfaces once again, pro-township road commissioners, (without board approval because road commissioners do not have a board to question their actions), from McHenry Township and Nunda Township recently filed a lawsuit in hopes of torpedoing McHenry County voters with the option to consolidate their township government.

McHenry and Nunda Township Road Commissioners have decided to keep sealed lips on the cost of their personal frivolous lawsuit and who’s paying the legal bills.

Township road commissioners, without a watch-dog-board, are in a political class above all elected officials.

Governor J. B. Pritzker signed into law a bill that gives McHenry County voters the power to consolidate outdated townships into the county.

“Rising property taxes overburden homeowners and this administration is committed to explore all options to provide communities with relief,” said Pritzker. 

In addition, the Illinois General Assembly also supports government consolidation and tax relief.

The supporting vote for this bill was 44-3 in the Senate and 62-33 in the House. 

This bill also has the support of McHenry County Board President Jack Franks. Franks said “

He was enthusiastic about its passage and thinks it’s a great start allowing voters to decide what they want to do about township government”.   

Rising property taxes and shrinking home values, and  McHenry County homeowners are paying some of the highest property taxes in the U. S.

Be a forward thinker and support township consolidation/elimination. 


The government of nepotism, cronyism, patronage, and waste.  


McHenry and Nunda Township Road Commissioners’ Suit to Save Jobs Decried — 29 Comments

  1. Snowplow Bob should have a show on the comedy channel.

    Quoting our new boss hoss is beyond comical:

    “Rising property taxes overburden homeowners and this administration is committed to explore all options to provide communities with relief,” said Pritzker.

  2. And talk about over taxation and giving the treasury away, rino Rauner signed the trust act, ie sanctuary state status pushed by the libs.

    Clean up that hot mess, then we can talk about about the cost of township government.

  3. Paul Revere has the same mindset as the general public, go after the big boys.

    In the meantime, the little township boys continue to garner more and more power to pick your pockets.

    The amount doesn’t matter, large or small, It’s not necessary to build fiefdoms for local con men to run.

    Cut where there’s a remote chance of succeeding! Keep going, anti-township taxpayers!

  4. The amount does matter Jsteveo.

    Take a look at your property tax bill.

    I at least see my township taxes at work, like today with the snow plows.

    As far as the money hole in Springfield, no thanks, it will never, ever be repaired.

  5. Revere, you must have missed the county and state plows out.

    Look around and you,ll see all the jobs done by the township being done better and more efficiently by other taxing bodies.

    You must be drinking the township kool-aid to not be able to see it.

  6. Jsteveo, come on, the State’s IDOT crews do US14 in Cary and it still is snow covered and slick.

  7. You knuckleheads are chasing pennies and nickels when the dollars (countless school districts) are bankrupting us.

    The teachers union must love this red herring.

  8. I didn’t see 1 county truck when the snow was falling.

    As a matter of fact, early last Thursday morning I was coming back from Springfield on route 39, and when I crossed into McHenry county the roads were iced over, cars in the ditch.

    The only salted area was around the county highway dept in Hartland.

    Your narrative doesn’t ring true Jsteveo, but please keep telling lies, it amuses me.

  9. Oh and elect better people than the likes of the ones described as running thiefdomes!

  10. As a resident of a municipality, I don’t see my township taxes at work.

  11. In that vein, I don’t see why I am now paying 2x on the illinois state gas tax, on top of the state sales tax. Another easy money grab?

    Of course.

    And to go further, since my children are all adults, I don’t see why the highest amount on my property tax bill is for teacher pensions.


    So here we are, all of us that work and own property.

  12. How long before all the collar counties bail out Chicago?

    It’s gonna happen.

  13. Pretty soon i’m sure we will be subsidizing the pot tax too… they will figure a way to make us pay for that next!!

    time to get rid of townships nothing but $$ sucks…

    and who said you can spend my $$ suing anyone????


    I ask???!

    Don’t like your job Leave get out! stop pissing my $$ away w/o my permission.

  14. It already is and has been 1975 through the Regional Transportation Authority.

  15. I’m confused.

    Teacher pensions come out of the state’s General Fund, notz property taxes.

  16. Prior to the last election, Alg twh work together with any municipality that wanted help.
    Cary, FRG, Barrington Hills, LITH, Alg, even some of the park districts and fire dist all saved tax payers $$$$ by working with the Alg twh.

    CL and LW, not so much, rich munis perhaps?

  17. Typical Illinois smoke & mirrors.

    State funding for schools does explain much of residents’ high property tax burden, but the key question to consider is:

    Where is that money going?

    In Illinois, although teachers and school administrators aren’t state employees, the state government is required to make contributions to the Teachers’ Retirement System.

    Government data show billions of additional dollars in state education spending over the last 20 years has flowed disproportionately to TRS rather than the classroom, putting pressure on local governments to pick up the slack.

    The state’s contribution to education increased more than $5.4 billion from 1996 to 2016, an 87 percent jump.

    But 66 percent of that increase – $3.6 billion – went to teachers’ pensions instead of the classroom.

    Adjusted for inflation, property taxes for school districts went up 66 percent during this time, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

    Much of that increased property tax burden could have been avoided had the state’s pension contributions gone to classrooms instead

  18. The law is unconstitutional and the townships will win.

    IDOT was an absolute no show in my neck of the woods 31 is a disaster.

    Cal, you must not get out much if you never travel on a township road.

  19. Yes, you are correct the Mrs., the thing they passed is too specific, must apply to all Illinois counties.

    But would you expect from the legislature we have?

  20. Amazing that nob and Paul think only the township roads are cleared correctly…

    keep that fable going boys…

    the rest of the world still manages to get to and from work w/o any trouble.

    If you tell a lie often enough, just like our president, to the uninformed it becomes the truth.

    Township government has that going for them.

  21. No one buys your bull shit Jsteveo.

    Again, keep it coming, you are a circus side show 🤡

  22. Some advice Jsteveo, you really need to move out of your mom’s basement, get an earned income job, and socialize with normal humans.

  23. Paul Revere is obviously a township employee (road worker).

    Aren’t you supposed to be working and not shilling for worthless townships.

    Is your employer a Road District Road Hog. Or are you?

  24. in Nunda the roads weren’t plowed until AFTER the the township’s!

  25. It seems to me the township attorneys have figured out a new way to bleed the taxpayers.

    James Militello is the the culprit.

    Why didn’t Nunda’s township file the Nunda Road Dist. Suit?

  26. Lol Illinois blows, you know it all, in your own mind.

    Not a Gov’t employee, just a concerned taxpayer

  27. I can’t figure out why townships are still around.

    No state west of the Mississippi has them.

    Do we really need another layer of gov’t complete with oinking pension pigs?

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