Message of the Day – Bumper Stickers

Found in the parking lot of the McHenry County Fair was a car with two bumper stickers:

“Trump Pence 2015” and “I believe in freedom. What do YOU believe in?”


Message of the Day – Bumper Stickers — 14 Comments

  1. Isn’t That Special?

    A bumper sticker from the Koch Brothers, Heartland Institute.

    A Fascist propaganda “Think Tank” spreading lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories to dupe Ignorant Brainwashed Foxnews Viewing Republican Voting MAGA’ts into voting against their own economic interests to appease the tax cuts and corporate deregulations that only benefit the same Fascists.


  2. The Republican Reckoning

    The facts of the impeachment hearings into the most lawless, corrupt and anti-Constitutional President in American history will be witnessed with live Congressional testimonies by America and the world and will be a reckoning for the Republican Party.
    The World is watching as traitors to their Constitutional Oath of Office in Trump and his GOP co-conspirators are destroying our country, to Putin’s delight, by turning America into Russia west. A lawless fascist Kakistocracy of Klepotocrats, oligarchs and plutocrats protected and defended by their bought and paid for shills in the Republican Party.

    This corruption is creeping like MAGAts into every crevice of our Government and controlled by America’s fascist oligarchs in the Koch-Mercer-Devos Cabal of Sociopathic Billionaires who own our Whitehouse, Administration, Congress and Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the most corrupt Attorney General in history is sneaking around the globe trying to “Dig Up Dirt” on the same patriotic National Security Agencies and Intelligence Communities which defends our Nation and Constitution from malicious adversaries both foreign and domestic.

    The Republican sycophants in Congress, along with their constituents brainwashed by Foxnews and the Right Wing propaganda machine, are supporting and defending a literal treasonous felon who sides with authoritarian despots while alienating our allies. He uses the power of the Oval Office to bribe and extort other leaders for his own political and financial gain. He obstructs justice and Congress and is known in court filings as “Individual One” in the election fraud his own attorney is serving time for.

    As the corruption of the Trump Crime Syndicate masquerading as our Federal government comes to light in these impeachment hearings, Republicans and their voters will face a reckoning and reconciliation.

    How long will they defend this lifelong pathological liar, conman, fraud, racist, serial abuser and criminal Mafioso debasing our nation, democracy and rule of law? And, how long will they sacrifice their own moral, ethical, legal, fiscal, Constitutional and Christian values in depraved defense of this cretin and pariah debasing our nation?
    Only time will tell.

  3. Hey Janz what about the Clinton Foundation?

    Who ordered the hit on Epstein?

    Who set up Gen. Flynn?

  4. Congratulations Bob Janz.

    Herewith is the link to print your Political Science Degree Diploma from Trump University!

    Use Coupon Code DONALD, for special offers on Climate Change, Private Detective and our prestigious School Of Tanning. (valid high limit credit card required).

  5. Nothing “triggers” the TDS DEMOCRAT/Socialists like the truth.

    Only they can be the true and legitimate arbiters of such.

  6. The entirety of the comments by Janz are emotional without a scintilla of evidence or fact.

    The evidence may lead to some kind of “reckoning” but right now there is zero actual evidence to support anything Bob said.

    The sad state of our society is argumentation has devolved into spouting off about emotional beliefs and yelling poopiehead at those who don’t agree with your most enlightened and religiously pure position.

    May we all be saved from emotional lunatics and find our way to agreeing none of us fully agree with one another on every position but can find common ground to have civil discussion.

  7. Three years later and the sore loser Democrats and liberals, who still cannot believe Hillary lost the election, continue with a new scheme to get rid of Trump. Their first scheme of Russia collusion was “the insurance policy” in case Trump won. The policy was espoused by top federal agent Peter and resulted in the witch hunt Mueller probe. That failed to come up with any indictments of Trump after two years of investigations. So now, Democrat politicians along with Deep State federal employees (The Resistance), are doing “Insurance Policy Version 2.0” by alleging a quid pro quo.

    There indeed is a Deep State. These are federal employees who dislike the directions, directives and policies of a duly elected president and will do anything and everything to thwart him. An early defiance by the Deep State was when acting US Attorney General, Sally Yates, told federal employees to not enforce Trump’s executive order travel ban on 7 terrorist infested nations. Trump promptly fired her on Jan 30, 2017. In the summer of 2018, the Supreme Court vindicated Trump and said he had the authority to institute that travel ban.

  8. Did those bumper stickers make Bob Janz have to change his underwear!? LOL

    He prefers proud Nazi, George Soros

  9. Excellent post. Bob for the win! And the republikkklans you ask? 357 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  10. The delusion continues.

    For decades this country has been sold and betrayed by the long-serving bureaucrats in DC.

    This treason has been supported by politicians and presidents who benefited financially and built their family dynasties.

    It’s hard to believe that intelligent people have fallen for their ruse of distraction and lies and blame all our woes on an outsider in office for less than 3 years.

    Keep sipping the Democrat Kool aid.

  11. “Trump Pence 2015”

    Proofreading. That’s what I believe in.

  12. Lovaass is an ok porn name, but I’d go all in and change it to Butthurt.

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