Algonquin Township Trustee David Chapman Says He Will Suggest Township Abolition Be 2025

Algonquin Township David Chapman writes that the year 2037 in the resolution was from “a sample resolution,” presumeably the one that the Nunda Townshp Board passed on a 3-2 vote.

He emails that he wil suggest the abolition year be 2025.

The term of current township officials expires in 2021.

The Township meeting in Wednesday night.


Algonquin Township Trustee David Chapman Says He Will Suggest Township Abolition Be 2025 — 17 Comments

  1. A responsible way would be to form a PLAN to evaluate the costs either way like McHenry township is doing.

    IMO that could be done before 2021 election, but most likely not the 2020 spring election, not with any complete accuracy anyway.

    Even Bob Anderson is in on that band wagon.

  2. Why not 2125, that should insure not only himself, but several generations of Chapman’s get their nepotistic jobs and pensions.

    One big problem however: Illinois and its taxaholic townships will have been swept away by the dispossession of alien hordes.

  3. The Noblet is a Township Stooge.

    Mandy studies already prove Township Are a complete Waste.

  4. One still thinks April annual meeting date in 2021 is soon enough for our county board to figure out and fund the dissolution of Algonquin Township.

    That said, 2025 is better than 2037.

    And the Nunda Township vote was 3-0 with 2 voting present.

    Tomorrow night at Algonquin Township board should prove interesting.

  5. Terminator, share those complete and well done Mandy studies, we’d all like to see them.

    Fact is the study by Northern IL was not even close to being what is needed to determine a good reason to eliminate.

    That study didn’t even consider costs to maintain the roads by other gov agencies, or assessments activities.

    We don’t need future studies on bigger the gov agency the more waste their is, we have plenty of proof and studies, it’s a fact.

  6. By this time rolls around the toilet bowl should be pretty much emptied out of the real tax payers, and the free cheesers / pot heads will prevail..

  7. What if you do the referendum next November, set the date for 2025 to give more than enough time, and do your studies between now and next November so that voters are informed?

    That seems like the least controversial way to go about this.

  8. A cost-benefit study will not address problems in governance.

  9. If a cost-benefit study shows that townships are still viable small government, and you think there are still problems with that form of government, get your state reps and senators to change the laws that govern them.

    Whining doesn’t cut it, take action and follow through.

    Tax payers deserve to know the facts, do the cost-benefit studies, don’t just hand Jack more power.

  10. There is more to the debate than costs and benefits.

    The lack of oversight of road commissioners is one of them.

  11. Get the law changed so they have more over site.

    You have elected that owe ya!!

  12. OK then make the task force’s scope more broad. Compile a list of pros and cons for abolition and the status quo.

    At some point we are going to have to decide whether people are going to be allowed to decide.

    We either say people don’t have a right to alter or abolish their government, contrary to the Declaration of Independence, or we give people the chance to weigh in.

    But this 2037 date is a farce and EVERYBODY knows it. Townships have already been abolished in Illinois and the majority of states don’t even have townships. Anybody saying they need nearly 20 years to figure it out is full of it. We got men to the Moon faster than that.

  13. Correcting (11/12, 12:38PM), the November vs. March of 2020 question. In McHenry Township, township dissolution trustee Bob Anderson, and his 2 allies on the board, wanted a November 2020 vote. If the newspaper reports are accurate, pro-township voters petitioned for the March 2020 referendum, with June dissolution date thinking fewer voters participate in primaries, opposed to a general election.

    The March date also has an advisory referendum asking township voters to continue the township’s bus service.

    But another reason McHenry and Nunda are pushing March is if the referendum fails, it cannot come back before voters for 2 years, which prevents a November 2020 vote if a referendum fails in March.

    Now, I’m not sure if the 2-year restriction is only for board-initiated referendum. Voter-initiated referendum by petition may not have the same restriction.

    Whether that is what is playing out in Algonquin Township, we’ll find out tonight.

    Glad the meeting is live streamed, as I won’t be able to go to the meeting.

  14. Townships suck us dry. They are useless. Look at Lutzow and Miller and tell me townships aren’t easy prey for scoundrels.

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