IL-14: Jim Oberweis Releases New Video & Pledge to Veterans

Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis’ congressional campaign released its “ChooseFreedom” video on YouTube:

On Monday, Jim Oberweis’ congressional campaign released its “ChooseFreedom” video on YouTube.

Additionally, on Veterans Day, Oberweis released a pledge to Veterans to prioritize what he would do for the men and women who’ve served our country in the United States Armed Forces.

Here’s the video:

Jim Oberweis’ Pledge to Veterans

Veterans’ needs will be a top priority in my congressional office.

I will work to streamline constituent services for veterans.

My office will be attentive to veterans’ needs and their questions as they navigate the federal bureaucracy and the VA.

I will host tele-townhalls and constituent service days in the district with a special emphasis on veterans.

One of the requests I hear from veterans regularly is for more career counseling and job-training programs.

Toward that end, I am committed to hosting job preparation events in the district for veterans, with an emphasis on writing resumes and gaining additional education and job-related skills.

I also pledge to work on getting electronic health records for the VA.


Source: Jim 2020 Campaign Website

COMMENTARY: If this video Oberweis released yesterday was meant to give a positive first impression of the Oberweis 2020 campaign’s digital advertising as well as introduce/re-introduce himself to 2020 voters, “underwhelming” is a description that does not go far enough.

The video was terrible!

Nothing more than a slide show of stills with music quoting two British prime ministers, President Reagan, Thomas Sowell while showing disturbing images of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the woman Oberweis hopes to be up against after March 17, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.

The basic message is “Stop Socialism, Choose Freedom”

The presentation of this message was uninspiring with no passion from Oberweis himself to convince the viewer this message is really what Oberweis believes. Just words on a screen.

And then an uninspiring 2-slide presentation with a confusing quote from Oberweis at the end which leaves one with the impression of uninspired with Oberweis as a candidate, let alone as a potential member of Congress.

In the face of opponents with high quality professional introductory videos like Ted Gradel’s “Underdog”, Catalina Lauf’s “Heartland” and Jerry Evans’ introductory video, Oberweis’ video was barely semi-professional quality.

And Oberweis is leading in the amount of money raised and cash-on-hand at the end of September?

As to the pledge to Veterans, pretty straight-forward stuff, much of which is already taking place, like the move to electronic health records.

But “tele-townhalls”?

Underwood’s predecessor was criticized heavily for not spending enough time in district.

Is Oberweis planning to do these tele-townhalls from his condo in Florida when not in DC?

Clearly, the pledge to Veterans was not meant to be a policy position statement for the campaign, but sooner than later, Oberweis needs to contrast his stance on Veterans issues and what differentiates his positions compared with what Underwood is doing now while in office.

Judge for yourselves, but McHenry County Blog labelled Oberweis as the “fragile frontrunner” (Part 1 & Part 2) in this race, and both of his releases from Veterans Day, the video and the pledge, has added to the cracks of the fragile frontrunner.

And it’s not even mid-November.

And for further proof about Oberweis’ bad day on Veterans Day, compare his messages with the Ted Gradel video also released on Veterans Day “Served and Protected” which is the subject of another article today.


IL-14: Jim Oberweis Releases New Video & Pledge to Veterans — 2 Comments

  1. Here the challenge, Congress, both side of the aisle have passed legislation to support Veterans.

    That legislation is STALLED in the Senate.

    It’s not Pelosi, McCarthy who are anti-veteran, its McConnell who is using veterans as pawn.

    McConnell has a rich history in using veterans as pawn.

  2. A very detailed photo of Nancy. This lady should be baking cookies and spending lots of time with her family, children, grand children and great grand children. If she has any time left over, she could volunteer and do something for the citizens by cleaning up the filthy streets and sidewalks of her district.

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