IL-14: Ted Gradel Releases New Video on Veterans Day

Ted Gradel & oldest daughter Francie

“Served and Protected” video release on Veterans Day Personalizes Gradel’s Commitment to Veterans

On Veterans Day, Ted Gradel’s congressional campaign released this nearly 20 second video through social media:

COMMENTARY: Short, sweet and to the point, Gradel personalized this message promoting Veterans when he mentions one of his daughters is a future veteran.

Gradel’s oldest daughter, pictured above at her graduation from Notre Dame this past May, is in Army ROTC while attending law school at Arizona State, after completing Army ROTC while at Notre Dame.

She was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the Army upon her graduation from Notre Dame.

The video is simple, yet passionate, and believable given the personal stake of his daughter will some day be a Veteran when her service to country ends.


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