Dems Holding Lakewood Event for Three Women They Hope to Elect to the Bench Friday

As revealed to McHenry County Blog during the Countyu Fair by the far leftwing radical husband of one of the candidates (the one who loudly called me “a racist” for a couple of minutes), local Democrats are putting up three women against the three appointed incumbent men.

Their campaign theme is “Balancing the Bench.”

They are Elizabeth Vonau, Kimberley Crum Klein and Jeannie Ridings

From 5-8 Friday at Lou Malnati’s Pizzera in Lakewood, the three will hold a joint event.

They write,

Come celebrate with us!

Please join us for this family friendly event. We will have pizza, salad, and appetizers. A cash bar will also be available. There will be a face painter for the kiddos too!

We are excited about these three campaigns and look forward to sharing this journey with all of you. The event is an open house so feel free to attend for whatever part of the 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. works best for your family. The candidates will be speaking at 6:30 p.m.

We are grateful for all the support they have already received and are excited to officially kick off our campaigns with you!


Dems Holding Lakewood Event for Three Women They Hope to Elect to the Bench Friday — 29 Comments

  1. Here’s $55 gals.

    The three of you can now go on a shopping spree at Kohl’s.

  2. Why does it need to be balance with women.

    we just finally got rid of Prather who was the worst judge in the history of McHenry County

  3. Hey there Dean Groovy Patch Sleeve Cardigan Fred.

    Spare us your stupid hippie boomer, ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ nostalgia.

  4. If I remember correctly Jeannie Ridings is the one who represented Joann Cunningham, aka child murder, and said there was nothing wrong with the inside of the home at 94 dole.

    I think we have all seen the pictures of the inside and would agree this is not ok.

    Poor choices made by her can stay with her private practice and not get into the real world of criminal court decisions.

    “Ridings said that despite all the “chaos” left behind after police searches, which include dishes and clothing strewn around the home as well as a destroyed couch, the home has “all signs of an ordinary household with children.”

    “When I was in the home I saw many pictures and drawings on the walls that the kids had made and toys and kid stuff all over,” Ridings said.”

  5. And let me tell you mister, nothing beats a pair of Buble Concert Tics, to get the wifey to put down the rolling pin and slip into some sexy attire.

  6. Women on the bench do NOT make it balanced at all.

    Honor, knowledge of the law, temperament and objectiveness are what will keep the bench honest.

    Not more or less estrogen or testosterone .

  7. 3 divorce lawyers, true. What do we know about the people that they are running against?

    Gervais – Divorce lawyer.
    Gerhardt – Divorce lawyer.
    Hansen – Licensed to practice law for only 9 years.

    Maybe we should consider all of the qualities of each candidate instead of making important election decisions based only on comments from anonymous posters on a far right-wing blog.

  8. “Balancing the Bench”? A curious theme. Local Democrats are promoting 3 people according to the photo. But, a severe lack of diversity is shown. No male, no African American, no Latino, etc.

  9. To runfor judge, one must lilve in the jurisdiction, subcircuit or county.

  10. Agreed Pokorny, Prather was the worst Judge in the History of McHenry County.

    Even though, Gordon Graham’s record is just as bad, Prather was more sadistically brutal to people.

    She tried to make up for it in Criminal Court, and failed miserable as a lot of her verdicts were overly zealous and extreme.


  11. I do agree with everybody that Prather was Bad, Sad & Mad.

    Sometimes simultaneously.

    Reversed a lot.

    But that’s McHenry County’s judicial hallmark!

  12. How old are you that you think 9 years is an insignificant amount of time to work in a field?

    Many public workers can retire after 20.

    The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Hansen unanimously.

  13. The appointments of the three incumbents were in the sole discretion of Justice Robert Thomas, not the Illinois Supreme Court.

    He does not use any public input or process.

    He is not required to by law.

    Other justices for other districts have screening and application processes.

  14. If they really are better candidates, perhaps the message should be that they are more experienced rather than leading with their gender.

    It gives people a bad impression like the Democrats just picked these women based on some demographic calculation.

    Their social media looks hardly different than what you’d see on a #resist activist’s page.

    I don’t think this county wants overtly partisan people on the bench. That’s one of the reasons why Cowlin trounced Tsilimigras.

  15. If those comments are directed at me, you do not read well.

    I think Judge Hansen is a good judge.

    Young, smart, honest, great demeanor, calm, good listener.

    That changes none of what I wrote about the process.

  16. Thomas also appointed that nitwit Joe Birkett to the Court of Appeals.

    He’s DuPage County’s version of Gary Pack.

  17. Birkett won election. Perhaps that was after the appointment you mention.

  18. I didn’t check as to Justice Birkett, but that avenue is typical. The Supreme Court justice from a given appellate district appoints the new circuit judge to fill out the remaining term of a retiring circuit judge. The appointed judge has the advantage of running as an incumbent, against the outsider or challenger. That is the case with the three upcoming contested races.

    Once elected, the circuit judge runs for retention, meaning without an opponent. The voters decide whether to retain. If not retained, then the election process starts, with no incumbent. A judge must receive at least 60% “retain” votes to stay in. They almost always do. I do not know of a nonretention in this county. Judge Englund in Boone was not retained in the early 90s.

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