Woodstock GOP Committeeman Reflects on Democrats’ Double Standard

From Republican Precinct Committeeman Rich Roston:

The Left’s double standard offering ‘the benefit of the doubt’ is a threat to more than the President; it’s a threat to liberty

Think about it for one second: if the roles were reversed – if Donald Trump was a darling of the Left – would even one member of the House accuse him of doing anything impeachable?

Not in a million years.

Joe Biden brags about doing exactly what the President is accused of doing and his lame excuse is happily swallowed hole.

The benefit of the doubt afforded Biden by the Democrats and the media is the type a child gets when their parents think the child’s bad behavior is somehow adorable.

Hillary Clinton sets up an illicit server and email address as Secretary of State.

When her emails are subpoenaed by Congress, she deletes more than 30,000 of them, Bleach-Bits the server and sets her staff to work with hammers destroying electronic devices that shouldn’t have been used for State Department communications.

She tells us that all she deleted were personal emails about her grandchild and yoga, or some such thing.

And, yaaaawwwwnnnnningggg, the Left gives her the benefit of the doubt, too.

This time, the charity is accompanied by a head of the FBI who trashes all credibility by describing the crime and then exonerating her based on a carefully semantic choice of words.

We’ve endured two-and-a-half years of an investigation into accusations of collusion between the President and Russians.

Lacking any actual evidence from the start, the rabid anti-Trumpers making up the investigators couldn’t find it in their little hearts to give Donald Trump even one benefit of the doubt.

When that failed, in no time at all, the Ukrainian Impeachment Show was started based on a fictitious rendition of a phone call between the president and the leader of the Ukraine.

No benefit of the doubt was extended.

But, as the Left, including the mysterious ‘whistleblower’s’ attorney, have vowed to take down the President from the day he was elected, they extend to themselves the benefit of the doubt that their motives are somehow beyond reproach now.

There is a stark difference in the way the Benefit of the Doubt is extended to elected officials in our nation’s capital, otherwise known as ‘The Swamp.’

It’s part of the double standard that conservative Americans have lived with too long.

Liberty can’t stand for long in a country that approaches truth and
justice with a double standard.

And this double standard is so egregious that it’s amazing the country and liberty haven’t fallen already.


Woodstock GOP Committeeman Reflects on Democrats’ Double Standard — 46 Comments

  1. A little man with a big mouth supporting that repugnant stain in the White House, not worth reading.

  2. What a pile of BS!

    What shell is this person living in?

    Evidence of what Trump is overwhelming!

  3. cal, why do you continue to post this tripe.

    Heinrich is spot on in his assessment.

  4. TDS is strong in the three commenters above.

    No matter, the Trumpster will win reelection.

    Too bad, so sad for them.

  5. Excellent commentary by Rolston.

    Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, James Comey, Peter Struck, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Lois Lerner, John Brennan, etc high officials in the Obama 8-year Administration were involved in numerous shenanigans. The Obama Administration was the most corrupt of any presidential administration of the U.S. far exceeding Nixon’s Watergate.

  6. Did Trump make Democrats lose their minds?

    Or did he just point out for us they had lost their minds?

  7. A lot of Democrats aren’t sprinting to defend Joe Biden, his early state poll numbers have gone down since the scandal broke, and another candidate is considering running. Most Democrats won’t gleefully defend him but instead change the subject to Trump. This is sort of what Rich did by talking about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden instead of trying to convince us why Trump did nothing wrong.

    “When her emails are subpoenaed by Congress, she deletes more than 30,000 of them, Bleach-Bits the server and sets her staff to work with hammers destroying electronic devices that shouldn’t have been used for State Department communications.” Yeah, and that outraged most normal people the same way that Trump’s team refusing to testify after being issued subpoenas is outrageous to most normal people.

    Both sides have “double standards.” They treat their own members with impunity and throw out their principles when it helps the party, and they hold the other side to a high standard that they would never be comfortable with themselves. There are many clips of Democratic lawmakers saying one thing when Clinton was being impeached and singing a different tune with Trump, and that’s also true of Republicans.

  8. Please quit asking how stupid democrats can get, they seem to think it’s a competition.

  9. “Joe Biden brags about doing exactly what the President is accused of doing and his lame excuse is happily swallowed hole.”

    Joe Biden was carrying out the bipartisan policy of getting rid of a corrupt prosecutor. This view was shared by all Western countries, the EU, and World Bank. Trump withheld money to benefit himself and only himself. He was not doing this to carry out US policy.

    “Lacking any actual evidence from the start, the rabid anti-Trumpers making up the investigators couldn’t find it in their little hearts to give Donald Trump even one benefit of the doubt.”

    anti-Trumpers? benefit of the doubt? We just heard from Bill Taylor who is STILL Trump’s Ukraine ambassador. This is after ****Trump’s**** (did you read that… Trump’s) inspector general for the IC find the complaint credible. Now the entire complaint has been corroborated by people in…. ****The Trump administration****** Why should he be given the benefit of the doubt when there’s sworn testimony from Trump’s staff that confirms the complaint? We are going to hear from Sondland who paid $1M to Trump’s ignoration fund. In exchange for a $1M donation to Trump he got a nice ambassador post! Great argument to say that the guy who forked over ONE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS is a… wait for it… anti-Trumper!!! LOL. Trump’s sitting current Ukraine ambassador just put it all out there. What more do you want?

    What a stupid response from Rich Rolston. There’s nothing to this post other than to get all the words on a GOP Bingo card (Biden, Hillary, emails, the left, Hillary, swamp, servers) that have nothing to do with this allegation of abuse of power and extortion to get a foreign country to influence our election while at the same time harms the United State’s national security interests.

  10. Love the defense by GOP after 1 morning:

    Rep. Mark Meadows:

    “I don’t know about you but it’s hard for me to stay awake and listen to all of this.”

    “Everyone has their own impression of what truth is.”

    NOT A GREAT RESPONSE from one of Trump’s closest ally on the Hill!

  11. On January 23, 2018, Joe Biden was at the Council on Foreign Relations, and was videotaped, repeating what he previously said as VICE PRESIDENT of the U.S. to the President of Ukraine that he is not getting a Billion Dollars from the US unless the president does what Joe Biden wants. A Quid Pro Quo.

    “Im telling you you are not getting a billion dollars. I said you’re not getting a billion and I’m leaving here in six hours (Biden looks at his watch) and if the prosecutor Is not fired you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.”

    This is EXACTLY a Quid Pro Quo.

    The Ukraine prosecutor was investigating a corrupt energy firm Barisma where his son Hunter, without qualifications in energy or knowledge of Ukraine, had a very lucrative Board job paying at least $50,000 per month. Joe Biden wanted the prosecutor fired or else the one billion dollars from the US would be withheld. Joe Biden was protecting his son and illegally abusing his position and clout as Vice President.

  12. Bred –

    Yes, it was a quid pro quo.

    But what’s the QUO?

    What is the returned favor?

    In Biden’s case, the quo was to advance the U.S. policy.

    This was the policy of all Western Allies.

    The prosecutor was not investigating Biden’s son or his company.

    The US and all of our allies wanted him out because he was corrupt.

    It is undisputed that that was the consensus view of Dems and Republicans alike.

    In Trump’s case, the quo is a public investigation into the likely political opponent of the president.

    the quo is getting a foreign country to help one political party win an election by trying to dirty up the president’s opponent.

    The quid pro quo is an open and shut case of abuse of power if it just serves the political interest of the president while at the same time harming our national security interests.

  13. The questioning by this Republican lawyer is so bad that he’s going to be accused as a deep state operative by the end of the day.

  14. After this fiasco, the Dems will than try to impeach on Accessory Violations of the Volstead Act.

  15. Bred you’ve pushed a lot of manure but today takes the wagonload for sure.

    The Obama administration was scrutinized by the GOP Congress and ended up without a single conviction.

    And Trump?

    Don’t get me started

  16. In regards to the comment by ‘Oh’ that “Joe Biden was carrying out the bipartisan policy of getting rid of a corrupt prosecutor.” This is the excuse I was talking about. I guess it was just a coincidence that the prosecutor was also investigating Biden’s son. But, just out of curiosity, in the history of the United States, how many times have we insisted that a prosecutor from another country be fired? From testimony in the ‘Ukrainian Impeachment Show’ today, I heard that all of the prosecutors, at the time, were corrupt. How many of the other prosecutors were fired at that time?

    Technically, this action by Joe Biden should be against the law based on the risk that the second in command of our nation would use his position so blatantly for personal gain. Is that what Donald Trump did? Is that even what he’s accused of doing? No, in both cases. He’s accused of using his position to force another country to investigate a potential opponent for president. Once again – it’s not against the law. But, in comparison of the two scenarios, you want us to ‘extend the benefit of the doubt’ to Joe Biden while you refuse to extend the same benefit to the President.

    And Bill Taylor’s second-, third- and fourth-hand evidence proves nothing – absolutely nothing. Oh, and if you want to bring up the issue of how ambassadors receive their posts, we’ll have to look back to see if there isn’t such a case in our nation’s history.

    Heinrich, dentbla, tom: If you’re going to challenge my assertions, at least move beyond name-calling and unsupported invectives.

    Correcting, no, double standards aren’t new in American politics. But they have never been so blatant as now. Never has the media so willingly embraced double standards that trash their journalistic credibility so thoroughly.

    Joe Kvidera, “Obama administration was scrutinized by the GOP Congress and ended up without a single conviction.” Right, just as Hillary was ‘exonerated’ by Comey. Just as Obama promised to get to the bottom of Fast-and-Furious and illicit IRS activity targeting conservative groups. But, don’t lose hope; I think we’ve got some of those convictions, coming a little later than they should have (though they couldn’t have moved faster with Obama, Holder and Lynch parking their fat butts on the scale of justice). Then again, I just read a post about how 8-would-be-whistleblowers were charged with crimes during the Obama administration. In any case, I’ll keep my powder dry and would recommend you do the same thing.

  17. Rostron,

    When you are supportive of a dishonest, repugnant, sexual predator like that White House low life, you deserve everything you get.

    This is not a matter of politics, it is a morality issue and I seriously question your morals when you support that bleach blonde pissant.

    How shameful, how embarrassing it must be for your family and friends.

  18. Excuse? It was the policy of the United States, EU, the World Bank, Dems, Republicans to get that prosecutor removed because he WASN’T investigating corruption.

    How many times has the United States insisted a prosecutor removed? How many times have Republicans insisted the same thing? How many times has the World Bank insisted the same thing? How many times has the EU insisted the same thing? What’s your point, Richard?

    For the millionth time, by every single account (except by the account of the fired prosecutor) the prosecutor was NOT investigating that energy company.

    Ambassadors get their posts as political favors no doubt. But to call Sondland a “never Trumper” or “anti-Trump” is pretty crazy since the guy gave Trump $1,000,000 before Trump appointments him. Also Trump previously vouched for Sondland called Sondland “highly respected” a “great American” before he four days later said “I hardly know the gentleman”. LOL. That’s great.

    I still don’t get the be fit of the doubt you want me to extend to Trump? The benefit of the doubt that this never happened? Why would I extend him that? All the witnesses seems to tell the same story. Sondland will offer up the first hand knowledge. The other people who could clear this up – Mick and Bolton were ordered to not testify. Why don’t they testify? Why should I not believe these career non partisan officials over denials from a guy who is blocking wittiness from testifying and isn’t exactly known for being a truth teller.

  19. What a disaster for the Democrat Party Nov 13, 2019 congressional hearing run by a guy, Adam Schiff, who continuously lied for 2 years on national tv about Trump and Russia collusion. Schiff numerous times said that there was evidence forthcoming that Trump had colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election. He was proven wrong when Trump was exonerated by Mueller. No indictments were brought against Trump. Quite an outcome by the Mueller and his team of lawyers, most of which were huge Hillary Clinton supporters including financial campaign contributions. They no doubt would have been pleased IF they found evidence for indictments, but they did not.

    So, Democrats move to the next phase to get rid of Trump. Ukraine. The disaster yesterday was that their star witnesses, Taylor and Kent, provided nothing except heresay about Ukraine and 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand accounts about the Trump conversation with the Ukraine President. These witnesses were lifelong bureaucrats and part of the Deep State. Nonetheless, one of them complimented Trump regarding his providing substantial weaponry to Ukraine.

    In contrast, Barak Obama did nothing to help Ukraine when Russia captured Crimea. When Russians moved into Ukraine territories, Barak sent them blankets and MRE’s.

  20. Love love love the hearsay defense.

    Too bad Trump already said he wanted the investigations into Biden.

    Too bad Mick confirmed the quid pro would in the press conference.

    Too bad Sondland is going to confirm 1st hand knowledge next week of quid pro quot next week. LOL. Dumb fuck.

  21. The evidence is overwhelming. The only question left for Republicans to answer is:

    Is it ok for a president to even ask the president a foreign country to open a public investigation a political opponent (this much is on the tape and Trump said the same thing out loud on the White House lawn. This is not in dispute)? If not, what are the consequences?

    Is it ok for a president to pressure a vulnerable foreign country whose independence is reliant upon US aid to open a public investigation a political opponent (this is going to be open and shut after Sondland’s testimony in conjunction with all the other testimony and evidence)? If not, what are the consequences?

    That’s what the inquiry and impeachment is about. It’s going to chart a course and precedent that will last much longer than Trump will be in office. Which path will Republicans pick? When they answer the questions and when they say there are no consequences for that type of request and pressure, then we will find out if there is a political price to be paid in 2020. If there is no political price to be paid, then we will all be on the same page that the President of the United States ***CAN*** seek foreign assistance in elections and ***CAN USE THE POWER OF THE OFFIC OF THE PRESIDENCY*** to not only request foreign inference but can pressure foreign counties to interfere in our elections.

    Ball is in GOP’s court to answer those questions. Then the ball will be in our court to answer if we are ok with how the GOP answered those questions.

  22. Last point for Richard.

    Not sure why this didn’t come to me sooner when he cries about a “DOUBLE STANDARD”

    Slipped my mind but….

    When Blago was caught attempting a quid pro quo to personally benefit himself, the Dems impeached and removed him from office.


    End of story.

    Double standard???

    That’s a bunch of whinny crybaby BS, Richard.


  23. Question for Democrat supporters, lovers and apologizers. Should a person be exempt from an investigation of a crime he or she committed if that person announces that he/she is a candidate and is running for an elective office? Is that like a Get Out of Jail card in Monopoly? If the answer is yes, then all kinds of bad element criminals not yet caught should announce they are running for public office and then be exempt from investigation and prosecution.

    Regarding “oh on”. Was it OK for elements of the Democrat Obama regime, including the federal bureau, to clandestinely do a secret investigation of an “actual” and confirmed Republican opponent candidate (Trump) and his campaign staff on behalf of the Democrat candidate Hillary? Barak Hussein Obama and his regime was firmly in support of Hillary with Obama declaring that Hillary “was the most qualified ever candidate for the presidency” in the U.S. Keep in mind that there will not be a Democrat candidate for the presidency until the summer of 2020. Presently, sleepy dummy Joe Robinette Biden is running behind Mayor Butigegg in Iowa polling.

  24. ‘Oh’ – it’s entirely appropriate for a U.S. president to ask a foreign power to open an investigation when the subject of that investigation would be the illicit activity of the Dems and their minions during the 2016 campaign.

    It’s also appropriate to ask for an investigation of a former VP who goes around bragging about how he got the prosecutor investigating his son’s ‘company’ fired.

    In fact, it’s not only appropriate; it’s the president’s responsibility to ensure that it is done.

    And if the roles were reversed … hell, the Dems did ask the Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Trump in 2016.

    So what the hell are you talking about?

    ‘Oh’ I see – got TDS in your eyes, don’t yeah?

  25. ‘Oh’ – Blago was charged and convicted of “soliciting bribes in exchange for public offices.”

    Donald Trump is accused of withholding federal funds to force the Ukrainians to investigate a political opponent.

    But that kind of leverage doesn’t work if you don’t tell the other side what you’re doing.

    It’s a bit like Soviet ambassador Alexei de Sadeski, from Dr. “Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.”

    It didn’t make any sense for the Soviets to build a Doomsday Machine as a threat of mutual annihilation if they don’t tell anyone about it.

    Well, it doesn’t make sense that the President was trying to Pressure the Ukrainians if he didn’t tell them that’s what he was doing.

    But, you know what?

    This is really pointless.

    You’re so wrapped up in TDS you can’t see s–t.

    Up is down, down is up, and I think we should just let this all play out.

    The Dems embarrassed the hell out of themselves yesterday, which shouldn’t have been possible after the way they did so with the Mueller Investigation (only a double standard would allow them two bites at that apple).

  26. What crime did Biden commit your crazy loon? Trump didn’t open up a US investigation because he did nothing wrong. He wanted the president of Ukraine to publicly announce he was investigating the Biden’s. Jesus Fucking Christ.

  27. They had knowledge of the freeze of aid. We all did. It was reported on Politico that the aid was frozen on August 28th.

    At any rate, you believe the wild conspiracy theories that Ukraine helped the Dems in the 2016 election which got Trump elected so there’s no point. You continue to state that Biden got the prosecutor fired because he was investigating his son. That’s not true. Investigations were not being pursued.

    I choose to believe the reports of the intelligence community. You copies to believe conspiracy theories who peddle bull shit.

    Trump doesn’t give a fuck about corruption but that’s cute that you think Trump is just driven by pursuing justice.

    Dems has a great day yesterday. They played to people who are on the fence. GOP played to the audience of one and wanted to get out how loyal they were to Trump. It’s bad when they talked about crazy conspiracy theories about Dems trying to dig up naked pics of Trump???? WTF???? Sorry I’m not on 8 Chan or 4 chain or whatever so I’m not up on all these conspiracies theories. But I’m sure it played well to people like you who follow bat shit right wing fever dreams.

  28. Rostron is another of those morally defective republicans who cannot separate decent conservative values from that piece of filth in the White House. How far will you bend over and take it for Trump?

  29. Absolutely amazing, and so sad, how stupid are the liberals and Democrat apologists who hate and despise Trump. No doubt they believe everything they hear from the Pravda equivalent being the mostly left wing media on so-called news stations on cable tv, broadcast tv stations and some high powered Chicago radio stations. They are the sheepile, the useful idiots, who blindly support Democrats and believe grand liars and morons such as Schiff and all that the left wing media spoon feeds to them.

    The Schiff hit the fan yesterday with their disaster hearing. This will only get worse on Friday and coming days. What an embarrassment for a political party that once had a president, JFK, who challenged the best of America to reach the Moon by the end of the 1960’s and then that was accomplished. This current generation of the Democrat Party bears zero resemblance to the best of JFK. If alive, he would be embarrassed by the aholes in charge of the party today.

  30. I am basing my opinion off of what the witnesses testified to. I’m basing it off the transcript Trump released. I’m basing it off what Mick said when he admitted tying he QPQ and said “get over it.” I’m not basing it off a complaint or what Schiff has said.

    The witnesses who testified on Wednesday were impeachable career diplomats. You see them as part of a deep state conspiracy. Why you think that? What evidence do you have to support that? How were they not credible unimpeachable witness? You can answer it but your opinion is based on BS that comes from conservative media. Those people get old a lot of money to say shit to protect Republicans but at the heart of it all, there’s no basis for the opinion that they are part of a deep state conspiracy. Nothing. At all.

    Agree to disagree? You think the two witnesses are part of a wide reaching conspiracy to take down Trump and the transcript and what Mick said and what Trump said on the White House lawn are just words that came out of people’s mouths that you cannot attach any meaning.

    And I think the two people who have provided service to our country for their entire lives serving Republicans and Democrats were compelling and honest and unimpeachable.

  31. New arguments for GOP sure to be repeated here:

    Look at all the times he didn’t commit crimes on phone calls!

    If one call is legit, you must acquit!

  32. The two witnesses at the Nov 13 Democrat/Schiff hearings had never had contact with nor talked to Trump. Many of their answers to questions were hearsay, 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand info. These were supposedly star witnesses called by the grand liar Schiff. Nothing of relevance to advance the so-called impeachment came from them. In fact when a Republican Congressman asked both of them to cite the crime or impeachable offense, they were silent.

  33. In fact when the Republican Congressman asked to cite the impeachable offense they looked at each other then Ambassador Taylor started to answer then the Congressman wanted to withdraw his question then Ambassador Taylor wanted to answer then the Congressman said he withdrew the question then Schiff stopped the clock and allowed Taylor to answer. Then he answered and said he wasn’t there to offer that opinion. He was there to say what he knew, what he was told, and what he observed. You clearly didn’t watch the hearing or you are just repeating tweets that didn’t capture the full exchange.

  34. Ken Starr on Fox News: “The president was not advised by counsel in deciding to do this tweet. Extraordinarily poor judgment. Obviously this was quite injurious.”

    And now Trump just can’t shut the fuck up. Please keep tweeting through this Don!!!!

  35. If you are a Fox viewer, and you watched the hearing, you just heard a credible witness under oath dismantle narratives the network’s highest rated shows fed to you for the last several months.

  36. Roger Stone verdict:

    Count I – Guilty
    Count II – Guilty
    Count III – Guilty
    Count IV – Guilty
    Count V – Guilty
    Count VI – Guilty
    Count VII – Guilty

  37. Looks like the Russian Investigation Which Hunt caught another Witch!

    Why did he lie about his connections to WikiLeaks (the organization which worked with the Russians to help Trump win)? Why did he lie about that?

    Can’t figure that one out!

  38. Trump aides convicted of crimes, including guilty pleas:
    – National Security Adviser (Flynn)
    – Campaign Manager (Manafort)
    – Deputy Campaign Manager (Gates)
    – Personal Attorney (Cohen)
    – Longest-serving Political Adviser (Stone)
    – Foreign Policy Adviser (Papadopoulos)

  39. Trump’s Rally Cry, “Lock Her Up!” was so good that it got him elected. Then his justice department sent 6 of his aids to prison. These people desperate for power are such fools! Only the BEST!

  40. People who suffered from TDS:
    – National Security Adviser (Flynn)
    – Campaign Manager (Manafort)
    – Deputy Campaign Manager (Gates)
    – Personal Attorney (Cohen)
    – Longest-serving Political Adviser (Stone)
    – Foreign Policy Adviser (Papadopoulos)

  41. Nunes – You graduated from the secret meetings where the Dems acted like a cult
    Nunes – Welcome to this TV show

    Make up your fucking mind!

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