Pritzker on Ethics

From JB Pritzker:

Gov. Pritzker Statement on Ethics Reforms, Reiterates Call for Continued Work

Springfield, Ill. — Governor JB Pritzker released the following statement after the General Assembly passed ethics reforms in the veto session.

“The days of corruption, self-dealing and politicians holding elected office in Illinois to enrich themselves must be brought to a swift end,” said Governor JB Pritzker. 

“While significant work remains, the legislation passed today with overwhelming bipartisan majorities is a first step to strengthen ethics requirements and build greater transparency around lobbying, but they are not enough.

“Our efforts to tighten ethics reforms will continue in earnest and with urgency in the next session, and I am committed to working with leaders from both sides of the aisle get this work done.

“Illinoisans deserve public officials who operate with integrity, and this administration will not rest until trust is fully restored.”


Pritzker on Ethics — 7 Comments

  1. So says the man who spent what was it, $170 million of his own money to get elected?

    And took the toilets out of the mansion he owned next door to get the property taxes reduced.



    Have You Noticed That The Crazy People Are Starting To Take Over Our Society?

  2. Those were the only Blago/Pritzker wiretaps, right FBI?

    Wouldn’t want your Governor looking like one of those scheming, self-dealing, enriching themselves politicians and ruining this born again ethics thingy he’s got going on now.

  3. Uh, ah cal it seems the hanlon/gasser team is now 0 and 2 with hanlons truthfulness being questioned.

    After today’s published decision why aren’t you, as your claim to be media publishing a sTory on this?

  4. The fat guy Democrat talks about ethics. What a joke. It had been reported many times that he disconnected toilets in one of his houses to lower his real estate taxes.

  5. and who was on taped phone calls with Blago trying to get a nice fat Pension JOB!

    does he think we all are stupid?

    now he is sitting up on the kahn throne spending our tax $$ …. well may be we are stupid for staying here!

    and putting up with this corruption, time to leave !

    the toilet bowl…

  6. Fatty Pritzk needs to take a break from feeding on fried foods.

    He might be good in the next Miracle Mile flash-mob riot next summer though.

    The cops could roll him into the mob of Black Youths smashing and grabbing on Michigan Ave.

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