Skillicorn Criticizes House Passage of Price Controls on Insulin

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Allen Skillicorn: House approves price controls on insulin

Crystal Lake, IL – The Illinois House has taken a major step toward socialized medicine by passing a measure placing strict price controls on insulin.

The legislation (SB 667) limits the price of insulin to $100 per month for diabetes patients who depend on insulin injections.

“What we need is market reforms – not price controls,” Skillicorn said.

“There are ways we can reduce the price of prescription drugs without interfering with the marketplace and arbitrarily establishing price controls.

“If we can rationalize setting price controls on insulin, then we can find reasons to justify price controls of other prescriptions.

“This is a slippery slope we need to avoid.”

Skillicorn pointed to examples of how some diabetes patients could save money simply by switching from synthetic insulin to generic natural insulin if this option was offered to them.

For instance, Novo Nordisk-manufactured human insulin can be purchased at Walmart stores without a prescription for $24.88 a vial. 

Skillicorn said another way to reduce costs is to stop subsidizing prescription drug prices for European countries and Canada.

“The reality is that European countries and Canada threaten to steal patents from U.S. drug manufacturers by using compulsory licensing if they do not agree to the prices and terms these countries set for prescription drugs,” Skillicorn said.

“Because these countries do not pay their fair share, Americans are paying the price.

“This is not fair and if we start going down the road toward price controls, innovation is going to suffer and the availability of life saving medication will be limited.

“We need comprehensive reform – not likely unconstitutional overreaches such as Senate Bill 667.”

House Bill 667 passed the House with 100 votes.

Representatives David McSweeney, Steve Reick and Allen Skillicorn voted against the price fixing bill.


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  1. But Reick did dream of price fixing fifths of vodka, gin & rum.

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