Rachael Lawrence Resigns as Algonquin Township Trustee

After having missed the Wednesday Algonquin Township Board meeting, Trustee Rachael Lawrence submitted a letter of resignation on late Thursday afternoon.

You can read it below:

With Supervisor Chuck Lutzow out of commission, that leaves only two of the originally elected Trustees on the Board:

  • Dan Shea
  • Dave Chapman

Appointed to the board to replace Melissa Victor, who was elected to serve on the Cary Park Board was Elaine Ramesh.


Rachael Lawrence Resigns as Algonquin Township Trustee — 18 Comments

  1. Wow. Did anyone see that coming?

    I’m sure the Edgar County Watchdogs will remind former Trustee Lawrence that her resignation does not prevent litigation against her during her time as a trustee, or future litigation for what she did while serving as a trustee.

    Now when is that Algonquin Township dissolution referendum going to go to voters?

    I personally think the township can be dissolved by April of 2021 on the day of the Annual Meeting.

    Given Andrew Gasser has been forced to re-hire Bob Miller’s sons-in-law, with back pay, residents should really press for that March 2020 vote to dissolve Algonquin Township and Road District as soon as possible.

    Or go out and collect the petition signatures themselves.

  2. Health concerns my foot anybody on Facebook knows what the real reasons are.

  3. Pokorny, that ‘Pink idiot’ has done what Alg Township residents couldn’t or wouldn’t do in over 50 yrs of the Millers reign and that’s expose them!

    Abolish Algonquin Township 2021!

  4. Sitbd there’s plenty of idiots clogging that township, sadly.

    And as this post shows, the Millers still have their tentacles firmly in place

  5. “Ongoing and private health concerns”

    That is code for “I fell off the wagon and battered my husband while intoxicated in public… Great Public Servant!

  6. Somebody got into another police incident in Springpatch. Naughty girl!

  7. Too bad Pokorny can’t see how much good Gasser has done.

    Does Pokorny understand anything?

  8. She’ll be reporting for dirty work at Franks’ office bright and early Monday morn.

    She still had handcuff marks on her wrists when she handed in her resignation letter.

    “The jig is up Darling Rachel. You cannot change a leapard’s spots nor a strumpet’s bad habits.”

  9. You mean all I have to do, is put her on my bar tab, wait 45 minutes and point her at whatever jackass I want beat down?

    Finally, the perfect Politician!

  10. We heard there were police and ambulance involved in some incident involving a public official and we know Lawrence was at the location when it happened but have no clue who was involved or what actually happened.

    I asked and was threatened (LOL) with defamation.

    Does anyone have any PROOF as to who was involved in this alleged altercation?

    All we have are photos of certain people bellied up to the bar.

    Hardly proof of any altercation.

  11. Huh, if it’s true that she fell off the wagon to the point of revisiting the violent behavior of her past, (which has been suspected by hundreds for over a year), do you think it will ruin her credibility? Yes, Pierre she probably will be in Franks ear by Monday. The shame is that she will still be considered a trusted source by the gravediggers. The desire to take people down is never more important to anyone more so than the one on the bottom who wants to be somebody.

  12. In your dreams Robin Mohr.

    We have been doing the same thing since 2010.

    Nothing changed with us other than getting better at what we do.

    It was never about us no matter how many times you cut and paste your BS misinformation.

  13. I will never forgive Andrew Gasser for campaigning for Rachael Lawrence.

    Good job on cutting taxes tho.

  14. Yeah, I’m sure Gasser regrets his effort to get the scarecrow elected and introducing her to the county GOP, but Lawrence isn’t the first to play the role, portraying themselves as something they are not, only to get themselves into position before taking off their mask…

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