State Board of Education Points to District 155 Health and Physical Ed Teacher Under New Law Allowing Suspension of Educator License

Public Act 101-0531 was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker.

It strengthens protections for student safety.

The new law grants the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) the statutory authority to suspend an educator’s license immediately “if they are charged with certain crimes, including sex crimes, drug offenses, and Class X felonies, as listed in Section 21B-80 of the Illinois School Code. The license would be reinstated if the person is acquitted.” 

McHenry County Blog asked under the Freedom of Information Act for the name of any such person who might be employed by Crystal Lake High School District 155.

Matt Fralick

District 155 replied it “received notification under this law for one former employee: Matt Fralick.”

He was placed on administative leave by Disteict 155 after he was arrested by McHenry Police in early February.

The charge for the Lake in the Hills man was for felony grooming of a McHenry youth under 17, not of a District 155 student.

Fralich was a physical education and health teacher.


State Board of Education Points to District 155 Health and Physical Ed Teacher Under New Law Allowing Suspension of Educator License — 5 Comments

  1. His license is suspended in the ISBE educator licensure lookup website.


    Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

    Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS)

    Public Search > Topics > Educator Licensure > Teacher License Lookup


    The license suspension also appears in the Educator Quality section of the ISBE website. > Topics > Agency & Board Information > Educator Quality > FY 2020 Sanctions > 21B-80(b-5) License Suspensions > Fralick

  2. Is the data base searchable by school district?

    The list I looked at was not.

  3. The ISBE ELIS database is searchable by school district.

    But, for example, Matt Fralick does not show up in the search results.

    Perhaps inactive licenses are not included in the search results, as a suspended license results in an inactive licens).

    One could submit a FOIA request to ISBE for the names (first name, middle initial, and last name) of educators with suspended and revoked educator licenses in Region 44, which covers McHenry County.

  4. The following is more information about the ISBE Educator Quality website referred to in a previous comment above.

    It is not a searchable database.

    Here’s the ISBE Educator Quality website:

    “The Legal Department ​encompasses review of licensure applications with impediments, investigations into misconduct by licensed educators, actions to suspend or revoke licenses, and tenured teacher dismissals.​”

    The website includes sections for:

    – Licensure Applications with​​ Impediments

    – Licensure Sanctions

    – Application of Section 24-14 of the Illinois School Code to Teacher Resignations

    – Tenured Teacher Dismissals

    – Filing a Complaint (suspected criminal activity should be reported to the local police department).

    – FY 2020 Sanctions

    – FY 2019 Sanctions

    – FY 2018 Sanctions

    – FY 2017 Sanctions

    – FY 2016 Sanctions

    – FY 2015 Sanctions

    – FY 2014 Sanctions

    – FY 2013 Sanctions

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