State GOP’s Take on First Week on Trump Impeachment Hearings

From the Illinois Republican Party:

Televised Impeachment Hearings: Day 1 

  • Wednesday, Adam Schiff brought George Kent and Bill Taylor in front of his kangaroo court. The hearing fell flat for Schiff and the Democrats.
    • Schiff interrupted questions from Republicans.
    • Schiff continues to act as the Witch Hunt King controlling all witnesses and subpoenas.
      • When asked if he would allow Republican witnesses, Schiff refused to answer.
    • Adam Schiff has no credibility and a history of lying to the American people.
    • He will stop at nothing to try and take down President Trump.
  • Key takeaways from Wednesday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing:
    • George Kent and Bill Taylor have never spoken to President Trump or Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.
    • Neither of the witnesses were present for any key meetings OR calls that would allow them to corroborate Democrats’ bogus allegations.
      • Even MSNBC acknowledged that Taylor’s “knowledge is limited.”
    • The media is hyping Taylor’s testimony about a “new call” between President Trump and Amb. Sondland in Kyiv on July 26th.
      • Amb. Sondland testified that he only spoke to President Trump before his trip to Kyiv on July 25th.
    • Taylor, the Democrats’ star witness, admitted that it’s hearsay about hearsay. Taylor’s account relies on his aide’s account of what Amb. Sondland allegedly told him.
    • If Taylor’s aide was so concerned, why was this not mentioned until Friday?
    • If Amb. Sondland participated in this call, why did he not mention it?
  • It’s also important to remember the whistleblower complaint is based solely on hearsay about the call between President Trump and President Zelensky.
    • The whistleblower was not a direct witness.
    • Schiff should allow the whistleblower should testify under oath.
  • Read the transcript! The facts remain:
    • The July 25th call transcript – released to the public – shows no evidence of pressure or quid pro quo.
    • Both President Zelensky and President Trump have said there was no pressure on the call.
    • At the time of the July 25th call, the Ukrainian government did not know aid was withheld.
    • President Trump met with President Zelensky and U.S. security assistance flowed to Ukraine in September 2019 – both of which occurred without Ukraine investigating the Bidens.
      • President Trump is the only President who has given lethal aid to Ukraine – not once, but three times.
    • President Obama denied Ukraine lethal aid.
    • From the very moment President Trump took office, Democrats were set on impeachment.
    • There is not bipartisan support for this sham impeachment inquiry.
    • Democrats are more concerned about baseless attacks against President Trump than they are about passing key legislation that will benefit all Americans.


State GOP’s Take on First Week on Trump Impeachment Hearings — 16 Comments

  1. Surprised they didn’t send chocolate candies to Pelosi and red roses to the insect called Schiff.

    They are part of the swamp.

  2. It is indeed a Kangaroo Court authorized by long-in-the-tooth Pelosi and run by Schiff. Schiff is a dictator so-called Chairman of this Kangaroo Court. Republican Congress U.S. Representative persons have limited rights and are not allowed to have any witnesses. They have been denied using transcripts from the SECRET hearings previously run by Schiff. Trump is not allowed legal counsel at the hearings.

    Any American patriot watching these hearings ought to be very disturbed at what Schiff, Pelosi, Democrats and the Deep State Resistance bureaucrats are doing. Schiff has been a rabid Trump hater for almost 3 years following the witch hunt Russia Collusion hoax foisted by elements of the Obama Administration in 2016. Some of these stayed in their jobs in 2017 and beyond.

    The liar and fraud Schiff had been seen regularly on left wing cable tv news(?) stations proclaiming many times that there was evidence that Trump had colluded with Russia on the 2016 election. All that was proven wrong by the Mueller Report in that no indictments on this were brought against Trump. This Russia collusion hoax was the “Insurance Policy” that was created by federal bureau top agent Peter S. He was fired and his boss Andrew was let go.

    Democrats and Deep State Resistance bureaucrats have been determined to get rid of Trump by coup or otherwise since the Nov 2016 election. Apparently they will never give up. Even after Trump wins again in Nov 2020.

  3. Nov 15, 2019 Star Witness for the Democrat run Kangaroo Court was former U.S. Ambassador to The Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. She was dismissed from her job by Trump which he was legally allowed to do.

    Early in the hearing, U.S. Republican Representative Chris Stewart of Utah asked these questions to her:

    Stewart: Do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes?

    Yovanovitch: No.

    Stewart: Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?

    Yovanovitch: No.

    So, logically, the Kangaroo Court should be adjourned and disbanded.

    The Democrats have nothing.

    Two days of hearings on Nov 13 and Nov 15 and the Trump hating Democrats have nothing.



  4. Yovanovitch is a elitist crybaby.

    She didn’t like the result of the 2016 election and was a favorite of her Secy. Of State boss (Hillary the Witch).

    She reminds me of that snowflake professor who wined about Kavanaugh.

  5. Don’t feel sorry for Yovanovitch, she Is still employed by the state dept, and is classified as an active Foreign Service officer, and she’s been teaching at Georgetown University, due to her feelings being hurt.

    I imagine this is wha is known as the deep state?

  6. Meanwhile, another Trump yahoo, Roger Stone, #6, goes down in flames.

    The witch hunt is doing very well in cleaning the swamp.

  7. I dubbed the Impeachment Audio over the Demon scenes of the movie Exorcist and it’s a perfect match!

  8. This is what President Zelensky said to President Trump about Ambassador Yovanovitch on a phone call:

    “Her attitude to.wards me was far from the best as she admired the previous President and she was on his side.

    “She would not accept me as a new President well enough.”

    Trump had every right and a responsibility to dismiss/fire Ambassador Yovanovitch as she was obviously an obstacle to a good relationship between the U.S. and Ukraine.

  9. The “swamp” was created at least during the Bill Clinton administration and intensified during the “regime” of Barak Hussein Obama. At the end of the Obama regime there was spying authorized on the Republican presidential candidate. We will find out soon if there is integrity in the U.S. Justice system when reports by the Inspector General, the U.S. AG and Durham shed light on these matters. God help us if the truth is not exposed. If not, this nation will descend into the likes of a banana republic thanks to the leftists, communists and Democrats in power in this nation who are intent on destroying this nation.

  10. Another election today in Louisiana. Gov who just won is a Dem. Trump held 3 MAGA rallies there past couple weeks. Didn’t help. At all. Another great day for Dems.

    More relevant to IL-14: Another night that Republicans should be freaking the fuck out because the GOP is losing (if it’s not already lost) the burbs. IL-14 was part of that shift in ‘18. ‘19 elections show that trend is continuing.

    – National Security Adviser (Flynn)
    – Campaign Manager (Manafort)
    – Deputy Campaign Manager (Gates)
    – Personal Attorney (Cohen)
    – Longest-serving Political Adviser (Stone)
    – Foreign Policy Adviser (Papadopoulos)

    Republicans railing against the swamp is cute. Trump’s DOJ put 6 of Trumps top aides in prison. LOL swamp talk.

  11. Past couple weeks we’ve seen elections for governor in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisiana.

    Trump went all in on those races and made those races a referendum on him and impeachment.

    Dems won 2 of the 3.

    Maybe this Trump fellow isn’t as popular as he makes himself out to be? Maybe he’s full of shit? Maybe people are sick of Trump and his constant bullshit and lying?

    Burbs here and across the country are all trending blue thanks to Trump. When will the GOP wake up and get rid on him? They won’t because they are stuck in the prisoner’s dilemma.

    So keep pushing for Trump around here. Keep telling your candidates to wrap themselves around the greatest American to sit in the White House. Whoever hugs him the tightest has the best shot. Whoever sticks their head up his a$$ the furthest wins. Please please please please keep doing what you’re doing, GOP. It’s really working and it’s a winning strategy.

  12. Trump will do fine against dying Bernie, delusional Biden, head case liar Pochantas, Money bags Bloomie idiot, and ‘My butt hurts’ Buttigeiger.

    I won’t matter bc Hillary will finally win on 76th Demo convention ballot as the ‘draftee’ and we go into Groundhog Day mode with the same ultimate results.

  13. Trump will dump the democrat skunks, Biden-Buttigor ticket.

    I just wish he’d dump Pence for somebody good.

    Like Rand Paul.

  14. “If you had any doubt that Trump was a human repellent spray for suburban voters who have a conservative disposition, Republicans getting wiped out in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisville and Lexington should remove it,”

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