Tribune Cartoonist Sees Negative “Fair Tax” Referendum Effect in Democrats Corruption Eruption

Here is part of Scott Santis’ editorial cartoon in the Chicago Tribune today:

The Tribune’s “Corruption Eruption” editorial is here.



Tribune Cartoonist Sees Negative “Fair Tax” Referendum Effect in Democrats Corruption Eruption — 1 Comment

  1. This is a brilliant editorial. Tidbit below

    Corruption eruption invites a Democratic tax debacle

    Fifty weeks before voters say yea or nay to Democrats’ plan for a graduated income tax that would rake in new dollars by the billions, here’s what the people of Illinois see:

    Citizens see federal agents ripping at the innards of Illinois governance and politics. From clout artists at Chicago’s City Hall to lobbyists for a big utility to one state legislator who allegedly tried to bribe another, the feds are exploring how bills pass, how favors flow and how politicians scam their fellow citizens. These are individual cases, for now. But the intensifying percussion of warrants, raids and wiretaps reinforces the impression that corruption runs rampant here. Each alleged wrongdoing reeks of greed and personal privilege.

    Citizens also see that several of the Democrats tainted by these scandals played roles in raising income taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes and so on. Yet their serial tax increases never are enough to cover all the spending and borrowing. Witness the abject failure of the last two income tax increases, imposed in 2011 and 2017, to be the grand financial fixes that lawmakers had assured all of us .

    Citizens see, and absorb as never before, the enormous burden of public pensions and other government spending here. The $10,000 limit on federal income tax deductions for state and local taxes encourages more families to join the Illinois Exodus:

    Why wait for the next drop in house values here? And why pay ever-higher taxes to cover astonishing overhead costs conjured by the Illinois culture of political sleaze?
    Will more billion$ somehow reform Illinois politicians?

    Against this sorry backdrop — the certainty of ever more tax gouges, the worsening corruption eruption — Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his fellow Democrats want voters to approve their open-ended amendment to enable graduated income taxes. Higher tax rates would hit big earners first. What lawmakers refuse to admit publicly — just try asking them — is that they’ll next raise rates on middle-class taxpayers, too. That’s where the real money is.

    Pritzker & Co. are relying on voters to trust — trust! — that with graduated rates sucking more money out of people’s take-home pay, a suddenly honorable Springfield would steward taxpayer dollars with legislative integrity and spending restraint.

    We won’t predict how voters will react to that dubious sales pitch. We are, though, pleased to stand with all the cheated Illinois taxpayers (1) who don’t believe government here will magically turn trustworthy, and (2) who want Illinois just once to attack the spending side of the ledger — especially by reforming public pensions.

    The next year is, then, a fraught time for the ruling Democrats. Scandal tarnishes their brand. Yet in Chicago and in Springfield, they’ve committed to so much past, present and future spending that they have no choice but to keep proposing … more and higher taxes .

    This desperate search for revenue now invites a Democratic tax debacle, with rival city and state factions competing to grab those fresh billions of dollars.
    FBI raids weren’t in the ‘Pritzker Tax’ playbook

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