Will County Board Considers Pot Sale Restrictions — 6 Comments

  1. Township officials in Will Co. appear to be pot smokers already, or perhaps they’re on other hallucinatory drugs.

    They seriously believe Township money, manpower and resources are theirs for the personal taking.

    Didn’t they get the message that Bob Miller was removed as president of Township Officials of Illinois President?

    Lawsuit: Joliet Township Supervisor Committed Fraud, Embezzlement

    JOLIET, IL — Dan Vera, a well-known Will County Democrat who serves as Joliet Township Supervisor, now finds himself named as the defendant in a civil lawsuit that accuses him of fraud and embezzlement.

    The case was filed this week at Will County’s Courthouse by the Law Offices of Robert T. Hanlon & Associates out of Woodstock. The plaintiff is the Joliet Township Road District. Vera is the treasurer of the road district for Joliet Township.

    According his agency’s website, Vera makes an annual salary of $78,400, plus $3,600 in fuel allowances. His total compensation with benefits is $95,502 for being employed with the Joliet Township government.

  2. AL Shake has to be Sylf, our fancy little sylph.

    Chief Loon at the folding Fake News Herald.

    Sylf, beware of McClellan.

    Loons and other Ducks are ‘fair game’ for her!

  3. They don’t want to ban the sale of it and that ship already sailed like Alabama pointed out.

    They want to virtue signal about how bad pot is while not actually standing up against it.

    They’re more interested in making money off it.

  4. Legalization of pot a huge mistake. Not enough that we still have drunk drivers on the road that MADD has been working on to eliminate, next we will have impaired pot smoker drivers on the road. Of course we have some reckless drivers who use phones to text while driving.

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