“(Watch)dogs” Merit Special Seminar at Township Officials of Illinois Convention

If you ever wondered if the Edgar County Watchdogs are having an impact on townshp government, one need go no further than the title of a session of the recent convention of Township Officials of Illinois:

The session is entitiled “Who Let the (Watch)dogs Out? What to Do If the Dogs Show Up in Your Township?”

It says Kei-Lyn Krafthefer will tell attendees how “to keep them in line.”

I could tell township officials the answer in one sentence:

“Follow the law.”


“(Watch)dogs” Merit Special Seminar at Township Officials of Illinois Convention — 12 Comments

  1. How about ‘be transparent and cooperative and don’t be ripping off the taxpayers!’

    How disgraceful and telling that they had a seminar on the famous watchdogs.

    It’s almost an admission of guild!

  2. Krafthefer has a permanent injunction against her in Grafton township for her bad behavior.

  3. When are the WatchDogs going to look at Avon.

    Makes everything they have done thus far look like elementary school playground.

    They want real “creds” go to Avon.

  4. McHenry Township and Nunda are the real crooked Supervisors and Road Hogs>

    People who went bankrupt and/or fired are running them.

    Why are their homes assessed so low????

  5. Cal…several have contacted Edgar numerous times with specifics…

    never received a responses.

    Figured the issues may be well over their heads.

  6. Marilee, Is Avon poor?

    The Dog’s only go where they think they can make some easy CA$H playing the FOIA game.

    Just saying!

  7. Write up what you see in your township and I’ll probably publish it.

  8. Considering we get dozens of calls and or tips every week there are some that slip through the crack.

    There is also many that are nothing but complaints about public bodies with little to no substance to support wrongdoing. Those types of complaints are at the bottom of th he pile.

    I do not recall any specific calls or requests for assistance ce on the matter discussed.

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