Derek Lee, Bob Miller’s Son-in-Law, Ordered Re-Hired by Algonquin Township Road District

The last foot note in a 31-page decision by Arbitrator Thomas Sonneborn on the firing of Dereck Lee by newly-sworn in Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser says,

This award directs the reinstatement of the Grievant as Foreman. Whether the Grievant may be subsequently demoted from the position of Foreman, and whether such demotion requires just cause are questions of contract interpretation not before this arbitrator and for which no opinion is

Lee “shall be made whole for all pay and benefits lost from the date of termination to the date of his restoration to the District’s payroll as Foreman, less any sums he received from other employment during the period,” the arbitrator ruled.

July, 2017

Lee was hired by the Nunda Township Road District shortly after he was fired by Gasser in mid-May, 2017.

He will receive payment for the difference between what his salary and benefits would have been in Algonquin Township had he not been let go and what he received from Nunda Township.

The decision points out that Derek Lee was not married to Miller’s daughter Rebecca at the time he was hired by Bob Miller.

It does not speak to where Lee was living at the time, however.


Derek Lee, Bob Miller’s Son-in-Law, Ordered Re-Hired by Algonquin Township Road District — 9 Comments

  1. Public Sector Workers of the world unite!

    You only have your jet skis and F-250’s to lose!

  2. Obviously a correct decision.

    The new broom does not sweep clean after-all!

  3. Taxpayers be damned once again for Township trash!

    Soon Derek and his Township mates can toke legally.

  4. Nipple suckers just keep coming… like a bad penny if there is a pension to be had they are there…

  5. Derek Lee IQ: 86.6

    He’s actually in the top half though of township drones.

  6. Derek had to be rehired.

    No private company would ever hire him.

    He’d have to do something, like work.

    That is something the workshy Millers and their retinue do not deign to do.

    That is for the ‘little people’ , like taxpayers, to do.

    Message to Gasser: Just fire him again — when he shows up for work at 4 pm.

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