IL-06/IL-14: In Washington Today, Jeanne Ives and Sue Rezin

Social Media Posts from Washington with Republican Notables

Earlier today, both the Facebook pages of 6th district Republican Jeanne Ives and 14th district Republican Sue Rezin sent out images from Washington. Both women were in DC conferring with officials and likely donors.

Rezin’s image with House Republican Leader (and possibly after next year Speaker) Kevin McCarthy with someone looking from behind them:

Source: Rezin for Congress Facebook Page

And then came the image from Jeanne Ives’ Facebook page mid afternoon:

Source: Jeane Ives for Congress Facebook Page

Yes, Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas with Jeanne Ives in Washington.

One gets the feeling Crenshaw will be visiting Illinois soon to help Ives raise money.

Congressman Sean Casten remembers Crenshaw, remembering what Casten said at his October 5 town hall meeting.

Speaking of Casten, he’s developed a very bad habit of tweeting disinformation through Twitter, particularly on impeachment. Today, both his congressional and political Twitter accounts were in full Casten-nets mode.

After reading Casten’s afternoon tweets and seeing the Crenshaw-Ives dynamic duo pic and remembering what Casten did last month, I had to let loose on Twitter myself.



IL-06/IL-14: In Washington Today, Jeanne Ives and Sue Rezin — 4 Comments

  1. It has come to my attention you are using my Brand in connection with your political ass-clownery.

    Your unauthorized use of my Trademark constitutes Trademark Infringement.

    I hereby demand that you immediately Cease and Desist from using my Brand.

    A. Lincoln

  2. “a very bad habit of tweeting disinformation through Twitter”

    This is ALL that Trump ever does!

  3. Peter Roskam did compare Casten’s style to that of the President.

  4. Obon-go, our first ‘gay’ president actually tweeted more than Trump, if you only count his second term.


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