IL-14: Jerry Evans Announces Policy Plan To Stop Human Trafficking

From the Jerry Evans for Congress campaign:

WARRENVILLE, Ill. — Jerry Evans, Republican candidate for the 14th Congressional District, announced his plan to combat human trafficking today. Evans announced this plan in recognition of human trafficking as a major threat to citizens throughout the 14th District and to declare that, as your Representative, Jerry will not let it occur on his watch. 

Jerry Evans released the following statement to announce his plan: 

Jerry Evans

“Human trafficking is a heinous crime that must be combated more strongly across our nation and must be addressed locally in the 14th District. As a community, we must acknowledge that human trafficking is the largest form of modern day slavery, which must be halted at every level.

“We must not only take preventative measures, but ensure we are supporting victims of trafficking in every possible way. I will ensure that we look locally at the mechanisms and lack of training that provide the opportunities for abusers to get away with their crimes, as well as supporting national initiatives—such as securing our southern border—that will further end this disgusting affliction on our nation.” 

Congressional Candidate Jerry Evans

Campaign spokesman, Andrew Leppert, added the following:

“Jerry is the only candidate for the Illinois 14th who has been willing to lay out his policy plans since day one. Our District needs a Representative who believes in transparency, so, while the several other Republican candidates policy plans are almost entirely unclear, Jerry is taking steps to ensure voters know where he stands.

“Human trafficking is an issue that all of our District’s families are concerned about and is an affliction on our society that, so far in this race, only Jerry is willing to go on-the-record to take a stand against.”

Andrew Leppert
Spokesman for Jerry Evans for Congress campaign

Jerry Evans – Plan to Eradicate Human Trafficking in the Greater IL-14 District

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and one of the most heinous crimes against humanity we see today: robbing people of their freedom, livelihood, and dignity. It is prevalent not only within the United States but also throughout the communities of Illinois’ Fourteen Congressional District.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline reported 583 victims of human trafficking within the state of Illinois in 2018, with 226 victims of these constituting sex trafficking.

One example, in October 2018 Lennie Perry, a Chicago tow truck driver, was sentenced to 9 years in prison for sex trafficking 8 minor girls. Additionally, in March of this year, Joseph Hazley sex trafficked a 16-year-old girl who was subsequently murdered on Christmas Eve.

These are just a few of these heinous, despicable crimes that directly impact the greater IL-14 community. The following is a proposal to eradicate this malicious practice.

  • Implement campaigns of awareness for the public, public servants, and employees of the industries most likely to confront trafficking to educate on indicators and warnings, points of contact, and victim support.
  • Bolster collaboration between federal law enforcement, community, non-profit, and faith-based organizations to combat human trafficking on all levels.
  • Decrease demand for illicit prostitution by imposing increased criminal penalties for solicitors and procurers—with even greater consequences for repeat offenders.
  • Support holistic healing by establishing funds, safe havens, counseling, medical support, and other reentry services for victims of trafficking to thrive once being freed.
  • Strengthen international regulations fighting human trafficking through the expansion of international coalitions, treaties, partnerships, and the securing of our borders.
  • Impose sanctions upon and withdraw support from countries that do not meet established standards to combat trafficking.
  • Direct intelligence resources to counteract and fight international trafficking regimes.

Through these measures we can combat modern slavery on every level: tearing it down and dismantling the criminals and organizations that fuel it.

I, Jerry Evans, promise to combat this modern form of slavery and restore dignity to the survivors.

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IL-14: Jerry Evans Announces Policy Plan To Stop Human Trafficking — 7 Comments

  1. If one sees someone whom you think is kidnapping a child there are two things you can do:

    1 – Call 888-3737-888 (the European way of remembering phone numbers makes it easy to remember this one) This is a national hotline where offering advice of what to do.

    2 – Pretrend you are taking a selfie of yourself while taking a photo of the abduction.

  2. At no point in this campaign conceptualization, branding, story boarding, focus groups, did a single person raise their hand and say:

    ” uhhh, do you mean pimping boss?”

  3. Aren’t taxpayers being trafficked by our wonderful pimp Democratic legislatures and Governor?

  4. This policy is pablum when you look at reality. The whole world is being run on child trafficking and you are worried about some pimps? You really don’t get it, do you? What do you think the “impeachment” is really about? The Ukraine? MS370? The evil perpetrators that are throwing everything against the wall to hide their filthy lives are ramping up in this crescendo of murder and mayhem. It has infiltrated evey single square foot of all the countries of the world. You have evil all around you aiding and abetting all of it. You are aiding it yourself if you support any of the disgusting demons that run the six companies that own every type of media. You are supporting the demons if you play any of their games or believe any of their lies. How do you think everything became so corrupt so quickly? They are all blackmailing each other into subservience. Stop supporting ANY of it!

  5. Thank you, Correcting. I speak truth. (What little is available of it these days.)

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