Thanking Trump for Current U.S. Attorney’s Emphasis on Fighting Corruption

Lart time we had a political corruption figthing U.S. Attorney, Illinois had U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald to thank.

He stood up to Establishment Republicans like House Speaker Denny Hastert insisting that a local Republican not be named.

Tribune columnist Kristen McQueary notes that the investigations going on now arw the result of President Donald Trump’s appointment of John Lausch to the office.

She further observes that liberal Democrats exhalting in the twisting in the wind of regular Democrats will have a hard time giving Trump the credit.

Her column gives insufficient credit to the FBI, I think.

She asks Illinois voters how one-party rule is working out for them.


Thanking Trump for Current U.S. Attorney’s Emphasis on Fighting Corruption — 13 Comments

  1. Corruption and the DEMOCRAT party go together nationally as well
    as here in Illinois, that is a fact.

    As for the voters who put them in power, this proves that you can’t fix stupid.

    The Great Exodus from the Sanctuary State Of Illinois continues unabated.

  2. On the contrary, Abe. It totally proves that it is all rigged! I don’t know of anyone that would be stupid enough to cast a single vote for something like Pritzker. Please explain how just about every state in the Union has a worthless Demoncrat governor. Voting is a sham. Just the most recent elections were hardcore proof for those that were in the dark over who is actually controlling those “election” results.

  3. Chicago Democrat politicians recently charged with corruption are Alderman Burke and Representative Arroyo. Other Democrats from Chicago or Illinois charged with crime over the years include Rod Blagovich, Mel Reynolds, Jesse Jackson Jr, Thomas Keane, Ed Verdoliak, Otto Kerner, Barbara Bennett, Dan Walker, Dan Rostenkowski, a number of Democrats in Operation Silver Shovel in the 1990’s, a number of Democrats in Operation Greylord in the 1980’s, etc, etc. Many of these served time in jail.

  4. I once submitted a concept Batman script to Hollywierdos, where every State had it’s own Batman with varying skills and abilities.

    My Illinois Batman, continually locked himself in his own Batmobile.

  5. Perhaps they should take a gander into both McHenry County County Government and a couple of Municipalities.

  6. Joe, Joe, Joe really, coming from an Illinois democrat and a Clinton supporter.

  7. Look at all the corruption in our damned townships and schools, too, including MCC, McHenry Communist College.

  8. The words “Kvidera” and “idiocy” have become synonyms.

  9. $16.4 Million, sorry.

    I was confusing the ‘take’ with the Clinton Foundation stealings.

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