IL-14: Release of “Ted Gradel on Life” Video

Ted Gradel

On Wednesday, 14th district Republican congressional candidate Ted Gradel’s campaign released the “Ted Gradel on Life” video through Facebook and Twitter.

In the 26 seconds video, Gradel tells his passionate and poignant story about being adopted at birth.

And his commitment on Right to Life important to conservatives.

The six members of the Ted Gradel family are seen in the video, too.

“Six? But John, him and his wife have 3 daughters.”

Look whom Mrs. Gradel is holding in the family shot.

The video is below (and you may need to click sound icon):

Ted Gradel on Life

Posted by Ted Gradel for Congress on Wednesday, November 20, 2019


IL-14: Release of “Ted Gradel on Life” Video — 1 Comment

  1. Gradel needs a lesson in inclusion and combatting institutionalized racism which he promotes and tries to preserve.

    That will take several years. He can do that for awhile. Anyone who tries to use his daughters as political props and “bait” needs help. Is that dog even theirs, or was added to make him look good? The dog doesn’t seem to go in for his cheap theatrics either.

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