Not Too Late to File for Office

Here’s what’s up.

All are paying positions, but Preinct Committeeman, recently re-named Precinct Committeeperson.

McHenry County is now in Cook County political mode, so be sure your paperwork is accurate and complete.

Challenges to petitions may occur, so just filing the mininum number of signatures is not the way to be cautious.


Not Too Late to File for Office — 9 Comments

  1. Whoa, slow up on all that techno-jargon there Professor.

    Your going to have dumb this down for us 6-pack Joes.

    Or should we just shut up and get back to work paying for all this crap?

  2. Just let the whole thing slide into a 3rd World Shi—hole as its heading.

  3. I’ve got $20 that says that regardless of the clear and unambiguous instructions shown here and on the website, there will be several candidates who lose out due to their inability to read and follow directions.

    Think of it as Darwinism for the politicians.

    Those that don’t screw up their nominating petitions move on to the second round and vie for a chance to screw up our lives!

  4. Kenneally’s doing an OK, honest job, but I hope he does face some opposition, and I think he will.

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