Trump Petition Signing Party Friday Night at Woodstock Country Club – Free Trump Stuff

From Donald Trump Delegate candidate and McHenry Countyu Board member Chuck Wheeler:

The event is being held from 7-8:30 Friday at the Woodstock Country Club.

Dinner, for those who wish to eat at the Country Club, will begin at 6. There is a cash bar and each will need to pay for dinner.

Perhaps there will even be blank petitions for Precinct Committeeperson (the new title) and Statements of Candidacy for those include to do more than sign and vote.


Trump Petition Signing Party Friday Night at Woodstock Country Club – Free Trump Stuff — 17 Comments

  1. Dinner service will be available starting at 6:00pm for those attending and wishing to have dinner.

    A cash bar will be available before during and after the event.

    Dinner will be at your expense, but the event itself remains at no charge.

  2. A Republican gathering in Illinois, is like those Japanese soldiers holed up on a remote Pacific Island in the 60’s, unaware the war is over.

  3. I signe a petition to have Acosta and kvidera deported to Chihuahua and Tajikistan, respectively.

  4. Golly I’m a celebrity.

    Never ceases to amaze me the hatred that gets expresed here.

    I guess that’s part of being a conservative.

  5. These communist-democrats are the unaware types. We drift to a civil war where they will be made quick work of.


  6. We’re happy to have you, Joe.

    What relative of yours had the butcher shop in Cary in 1966 when I was campaigning there?

  7. Thanks for the info, orv. Will you be doing a reading of your court transcripts from your days in the Legion?

  8. Come on in, free Trump swag, get officially recognized as a fool in support a lying, whoring candidate.

  9. LOL imagine the type of embarrassing people that would show up to something like this!

    I hope someone brings a camera and posts photos for us to pass around and laugh at!

    TRUMP2020 is a joke

  10. I’m sure it will be clear that Wheeler’s petition to be a delegate for President Trump can only be signed by residents of the 14th district.

    Sounds like an opportunity for congressional candidates to meet & greet.

    Unlike congressional and all other candidates, filing of delegate petitions is not until January.

  11. Typical and expected remarks here by moron Democrat supporters and Trump haters.

  12. ‘tom’, no, I think Orv will be talking about how he is retired from a distinguished carrier with top clearance at the FAA.

    Something he could NOT have done unless he was actually working FOR the govt, but you keep your Jack Franks/Rachael Lawrence fictitious hate mongering for a Veteran in good standing.

    Oh and he’ll introduce his lovely LEGAL immigrant wife who currently works for the FAA.

    A position she could not have if she was married to say….someone like Bill Ayers!

  13. ‘SickLou’, I I’d be happy to pose for a picture at an event for this President who is:

    Pro Veteran
    Pro Law Enforcement
    Pro National Security
    Pro Legal Immigrant
    Pro Business
    Pro America

    I’ll even furnish a cake, balloons and the parade!

    ****You must be one of the rabid Resisters/Indivisibles who works out of the basement of Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian “Church”, trying to undermine the Presidency of the best President this country has seen in since Calvin Coolidge!****

  14. SickLou = Jack Franks trying ti impersonate Lou Bianchi.

    Sorry Jack you’ve been outed. Dave’s ex has a lot to say about you.

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