IL-14: Ted Gradel Calls Out the Censorship of “On Life” Video by Twitter

Ted Gradel

“It’s unacceptable that Twitter continues to censor conservatives, including our campaign.

“The social media silencing of conservative voices is an affront to democracy and our First Amendment rights.

“I’m running for Congress because we need more conservative voices in Washington, not fewer. I’ll always stand for freedom and that includes freedom of speech.”

Ted Gradel, 11/22/19

On Friday, 14th congressional district candidate Ted Gradel called out the censorship of his “Ted Gradel on Life” video his campaign released Wednesday and published on McHenry County Blog.

In Twitter, attaching a video to a tweet will automatically display the video when it is received by a follower. If one’s smartphone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi, it will automatically play with the sound muted.

But Twitter has implemented a content control, which for many users, adds an additional step, as the tweet screenshot shows:

Source: Ted Gradel for Congress Campaign

Upon clicking “View”, the “Ted Gradel on Life” video is displayed and played.

But in Twitter conversations, when followers either reply or retweet, this message is showing up:

Source: Ted Gradel for Congress Campaign

So now the “partial censorship” becomes “total censorship”, since a recipient could not see the tweet.

COMMENTARY: While the Ted Gradel for Congress campaign provided the screenshots above, I have noticed the partial and total censorship of the “On Life” video in both contexts as a follower, and in conversation.

So what’s controversial about the video?

It was a heartfelt testimonial by a man running for Congress about being adopted and why he is passionate being pro-life.

Defenders of Right-to-Life point to adoption as an alternative to abortion.

There were no graphic images in the video. There was nothing wrong with it.

And here is the tweet McHenry County Blog tweeted Wednesday afternoon:

To our knowledge, we have not received word the article had been censored, though the tweet clearly uses the hastag “RightToLife”.

Earlier this year, CBN News reported how Facebook was utilizing the former head of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to help Facebook suppress “hate speech”.

This alarmed Christians and conservatives alike.

Ted Gradel is commended for quickly bringing this up and sharing with the 14th district residents how one of the big players in social media is suppressing his right-to-life message.

And given whom the Republican nominee will be facing in Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and her pro-abortion pro-anything-ungodly-socially record in Congress, if social media tries to suppress the pro-life message as it is partially doing with Gradel’s video, there are alternatives to get the message out.

And our voices will not be suppressed.


IL-14: Ted Gradel Calls Out the Censorship of “On Life” Video by Twitter — 4 Comments

  1. “Lauren Underwood and her pro-abortion pro-anything-ungodly-socially record in Congress,”

    Y’all are crazier than outhouse rats!

  2. Yeah, like twitter, google and all the rest of the gatekeepers aren’t biased homosexuals and leftists like you Kvidero. A kvideron is a kind of tumor of the rectum.

  3. Joe Kvidera: How dare you criticize your own ‘crazy’ ancecestors! What ingratitude.

  4. Joe, aren’t these ‘flea-people’ funny. One gigantic conspiracy.

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