IL-14: Catalina Lauf Continues Social Media Push on 2nd Amendment

Catalina Lauf

Dubbed by local socialists on Twitter as the “ammosexual”, Lauf again takes aim at Jim Oberweis & Sue Rezin

On Tuesday morning, 14th district Republican congressional candidate Catalina Lauf tweeted another 2nd amendment-themed tweet talking about Thanksgiving family tradition and reminding voters that her two opponents who serve in Springfield voted for the Illinois Red Flag law:

Source: Catalina Lauf Twitter Page

The 3 second video embedded in Twitter of her squeezing off a round on her 9mm appears to have been shot recently, given the landscape. The same video and message was posted on Instagram.

The screenshot was taken yesterday morning. The tweet video has now, as of 12:20PM Wednesday, has had over 51,000 views. The Instagram views are nearly 7,800. Lauf’s Twitter following will cross over 30,000 later today.

Pardon the pun, but even when describing a family Thanksgiving holiday tradition, Lauf still gets a shot in at her two state senator opponents in Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin.

But the 2nd amendment related tweets did not stop there. Lauf responded to a tweet from Republican congressional candidate Lisa Song Sutton who is running in Nevada’s 4th congressional district attempting to flip the seat from another black freshman Democrat, Congressman Steve Horsford:

Source: Catalina Lauf Twitter Page

Ms. Song Sutton was responding to a national blogger who responded to a gun owner who said the ownership of a gun protects their family, to which the blogger responded to take out a life insurance policy to take care of their family.

Ms. Song Sutton did respond to Lauf, thanking her for her above tweet.

Additionally, today’s Northwest Herald ran a feature article about Lauf’s congressional campaign where she opened up about accomplishments while working for President Trump’s administration.

She briefly discussed, in a bromide, where she stands on prescription drugs prices as a component of healthcare in general and stressed her opposition to Medicare-for-All.

COMMENT: At some point, Lauf’s primary opponents will no longer sit still or keep silent on these attacks on them by Lauf, whom the Daily Herald labelled an “upstart”. We’ll find out soon enough how they will respond, but they will when they feel the time is right.

Lauf will get what’s coming to her and if she is strengthened and goes on to win the nomination in March, she’ll be that much stronger to face what the Democrats will unleash next year on whomever is the nominee.

No matter who wins the nomination, they better be tough and able to not only take an opponent’s best shots, but be able to win in spite of the attacks.

Republican primary voters will need to decide which of the seven Republicans is the most electable toughest candidate to face Congresswoman Lauren Underwood next year.

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IL-14: Catalina Lauf Continues Social Media Push on 2nd Amendment — 11 Comments

  1. Would it be accurate to say that Marter, Evans, Gradel, and Catella are also in the same boat with Lauf?

    Have they ever pushed for more gun control in Springfield?

    Even though Lauf hasn’t voted for gun control, she worked for Bruce Rauner in 2018.

    Did she speak out when he signed more gun control?

    We know Marter has been a strong 2A supporter for years.

  2. Correcting, all good questions, especially since the Red Flag law signing took place while she was working on his reelection.

    Maybe those are the kinds of questions that will be asked by Lauf’s opponents soon.

    For now, all of these social media releases is about consolidating her 2A support, & raising money in small dollar amounts.

  3. Look it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s obviously a false flag.

    Nice try.

    Or not?

  4. Song Sutton eats raw mutton.

    She’s not a person Lauf should involve herself with.

  5. Hey guys I am glad to see a female that can shoot, run for office a lot of guys get upset because she can probably shoot better than them ..

    I have 5 daughters I have armed with rape whistles that go bang and taught them all how to use them…well 4 daughters have guns

    One has a shank

  6. Ammosexual?

    Why are these Communists always trying to sexualize everything?


    Little kids.

    College admissions.

    They are really sick.

  7. Can the voting and FOID carrying public shoot where she shoots?

    Where exactly outdoors is this in McHenry County?

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