Oakwood Hills Police Problems Including Ex-Village President Paul Smith’s Directing Police Not to Handle Felonies

On October 5th Oakwood Hills Village President resigned.

Some have said that resignation had something to do with the Police Department.

So, McHenry County Blog filed a Freedom of Information request with the Police Department for what might be relevant information, including disciplinary documents.

They appear below in calendar order.

The juicy stuff is at the bottom of the post.

For March 8, 2018, this correspondence was supplied concerning Joseph Callahan.

First, there is a September 2, 2018, Personnel Discipline Report for Joseph Callahan.

Next comes another disciplinary report concerning Joseph Callahan from December 18, 2018.

At the end of 2018 on December 30, the following was written, also about Joseph Callahan.

This report is dated January 5, 2019, again about Joseph Callahan.

January 30, 2019, saw another report on Joesph Callahan.

This May 17, 2019, letter from Jakub Wrobel was supplied as a result of the FOI request.

On July 3, 2019, Ramtin Sabet sent this email announcing his resignation:

On July 12, 2019, Marc LaPuma sent a resignation email.

It was accepted the same day,

Eric Decker sent this letter of resignation on July 26, 2019:

Police Chief Valiza Nash accepted his resignation by email:

September 28, 2019, Ronald Dippel sent a resignation letter citing a directive from Village President Paul Smith not to investigate future felonies. Dippel, a part-time officer suggests that Smith may be guilty of official misconduct.

Signed R. A. Dippel.

Then, two days later on September 30, 2019, comes another bombshell resignation letter from fourteen-year veteran Officer Maryann Eberle-Dalton.

= = = = =

More on Friday.


Oakwood Hills Police Problems Including Ex-Village President Paul Smith’s Directing Police Not to Handle Felonies — 10 Comments

  1. What about the felonies committed by the PD itself, they can still ‘handle’ those right?

  2. All this time I thought The Andy Griffith Show was just an obnoxious 60’s sitcom, when actually it was a futuristic Oakwood Hills reality show.

  3. Joe Callahan is a good man.

    These ‘reports’ are all pretextual and nonsense.

    He wasn’t in charge of motor pool maintenance.

  4. Is this why there are so many County Sheriffs cars in that town and surrounding area lately?

    Sheesh, you’d think it was some kind of County crackdown their presence is so prevalent.

  5. Ironically there was a really good training program for officers before this chief.

    Each incident was covered in detail and people were available for questions.

    This new chief has a history of not answering her phone and if she did boy did you get in trouble.

    She is the biggest bully to her officers.

    I also highly doubt president smith reacted the way the other officers noted him to react it was most likely twisted by the chief because she is unable to be held accountable for anything she does or doesn’t do!

  6. This is very typical of a small part time agency.

    high turn over, second chance cops, gypsy cops.

    the chief comes in with vast experience, she is faced with cops who accept the job for little pay due to being problem officers .

    I say let Mchenry County sheriff deputies take over, Due to vast resources and investigation they have the ability to handle anything. offer the chief and any officer who meets training and background standards a job with the sheriffs police, t he sheriff will not have to play politics or be threatened by city officials.

    a small police department is very limited in resources.

    Also this provides 24 hour response and back up to this city

  7. Leave Chief Nash.

    It’s about time someone took the lead in that place.

    It is also Jack Franks- free

  8. Former Chief Nash who is well equipped to write a proper report, has been known to write outright lies professionally as well as Personally to judges in order to achieve whatever type of vengeance she is looking for.

    She is known for trying to punish anyone who she deems a threat to her or any of her click or her “Partner”.

    She believes she is actually above the law.

    I believe she “Retired” before she was caught in any more scandal in town and forced to leave.

    She was also known by local departments as a problem.

    Good riddance.

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