IL-14: James Marter and Jerry Evans Surge in Twitter Followings *UPDATE: Marter Up to 725 Twitter Followers since initial article*

Clearly Addressing an Opportunity, Two Republican Candidates Work to Build Their Social Media Presence

James Marter
Jerry Evans

After being trounced by Republican congressional candidate Catalina Lauf on social media, two of her opponents actively address the gap.

And while Lauf crossed the 30,000 followers barrier early yesterday morning, candidates James Marter and Jerry Evans respective campaigns have seen a surge in Twitter followers in the past week, as these metrics attest:

  • Jerry Evans has seen 765% growth in Twitter followers since Monday morning
  • James Marter has seen 241% growth in Twitter followers since Monday morning
  • Catalina Lauf still holds a commanding lead, and her tens of thousands reflects 7% growth since Monday
    • Lauf’s metrics were taken before her two sets of tweets on the 2nd amendment
    • Lauf continues to see modest growth in Facebook and Instagram follows

The grid below compares the number of followers from very early Monday morning, 11/25, through mid-morning 11/29:

TwitterInstagramFacebookTwitter % ChangeTwitter 11/25
Lauf         30,043          17,008            7,033 7%     28,153
Oberweis               802 N/A           3,224 0%           806
Marter               600N/A           6,393 241%           176
Evans               294 37               157 765%              34
Gradel               286 N/A               580 2%           281
Rezin               112 N/A           6,812 7%           105
Malouf                 41 N/A               826 11%              37
Underwood         91,685          19,819          18,836 0%     91,521

As has been pointed out multiple times through comments here on McHenry County Blog, there is a significant number of these followers who are not in-district, let alone in-state.

But as Lauf is doing through her fundraising as reported by the Northwest Herald earlier this week, raising money from out-of-state donors will help a candidate get their message out to in-district residents.

With just over a month to go in the 4th quarter Federal Elections Commission campaign disclosure reporting period, remains to be seen if both Marter or Evans can capitalize on their expanded followers and successfully solicit contributions through online giving.


IL-14: James Marter and Jerry Evans Surge in Twitter Followings *UPDATE: Marter Up to 725 Twitter Followers since initial article* — 19 Comments

  1. Does anyone realize that you can go to and “purchase” Instagram, Twitter & Facebook followers for as little as $5 bucks, hence “Fiverr”?!!

    The larger the “budget” the more “followers”?! Sheesh!

    Organic/Genuine “followers” do NOT increase by the thousands in months/days/weeks & certainly NOT overnight!

  2. HavingFaithForAll, I do know what to look for concerning the “purchased” social media “BOTs” that help build followers, and with both Evans and Marter, along with Lauf, I see no evidence of purchased bots being used by any of the candidates in the 14th.

    Their followings have been grown naturally.

    Lauf’s surged early on when she launched her campaign with all of the earned media her campaign launch generated from around the country.

    Given the numbers of people Marter and Evans are following, that is a tell tale sign the growth is natural.

    And it is true that followers do not equal votes, there is a correlation between followers and online donations.

  3. After a decade of running a charnel house for the wholesale slaughter of grammar, language and rational thought.

    Twitter and it’s follower counts, are the new hilariously revealing insight, into the current state of American Culture.

  4. D J, given a certain New York City congresswoman with a big mouth has nearly 5.9 million Twitter followers and has positioned herself for a presidential run in 2024, American Culture does take a big hit with the horrifying thought of an AOC presidency will do to our country.

  5. John, she can’t possibly be worse than the Russian asset we’ve got now.

  6. There is no way Marter tripled his following organically in 3 days.



  7. FLamont, we’ll know for certain in mid January and if his fundraising is higher, particularly with online donations, they are legit.

  8. Having no life, I find this post very interesting and relevant. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  9. Nothing rings in the Holiday Season, like the Parasite Class getting additional time off.

  10. Master will win! Flamont will end up in a secure facility.

  11. Regarding Russian assets.

    The thug Hillary said that Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat U.S. Congress woman running for president, is connected to or an asset of Russia. Tulsi served in the U.S. Military in harm’s way. Hillary and her husband bill who disrespected women, as well as Barak Hussein Obama and his wife, have zero U.S. military experience. In fact Barak had cut back on U.S. military expenditure and Trump has authorized rebuilding the military that Barak let deteriorate.

  12. Lauf clearly purchased IG and Twitter followers. 30K twitter followers?

    Sure thing.

    She can’t purchase Facebook friends.

    7,000 is what her competitors have.

    The IG and Twitters numbers are a joke.

    Glad Lopez broke this story but he doesn’t know the story he broke.

  13. Rezin BOUGHT her FB likes and follows, which literally went from a few hundred to over 6,000 over night and included Jim Marter and Jim Oberweis and a dead man who hasn’t been on FB for a few years (but miraculously liked her page.)

    Several people, including Matt Quigley and Marter had to unlike her page…their dead friend has been unable to do the same…that’s the lie in the social media race nobody talked about.

    Her FB likes has stayed there since she bought it last September.

  14. Are you actually going to try that stunt again, both of you?

    We already checked what you said over the summer, and you were inaccurate.

    We will see what the numbers say in January.

  15. FLamont, of course there is a way for Marter to add that many.

    Just consider yourself and how you lost half your followers when you admitted you had a ‘serious, serious crush’ on Johnny Weir watching the National Dog Show.

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