A Property Tax Factoid

From Jake Griffin of the Daily Herald:

“Increasingly, that cost is borne by homeowners rather than businesses.

“Nearly two-thirds of the property taxes collected in Illinois come from homeowners.

“In 1999, residential property taxes made up barely half the total property tax collection in the state.”


A Property Tax Factoid — 3 Comments

  1. “Increasingly, that cost is borne by homeowners rather than businesses.”

    Yeah, because every time we talk about so much as closing a tax credit for some niche industry someone is shrieking about entrepreneurs.

  2. Many Tax Increment Finance (TIF) expenditures directly or indirectly subsidize a business / investor / LLC, or are unnecessary beautification projects.

    What percent are really necessary?

    There is wide latitude for such expenditures.

    An example would be the 4 monuments / monoliths on Route 14 in the Virginia Street TIF in Crystal Lake, to designate the beginning and end of the TIF district, which cost a total of $64,000.


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