IL-06: Jeanne Ives on Offense *UPDATE: New Print Ad Released Monday Afternoon at end of article*

Jeanne Ives

New Print Ad Released through Facebook Outlines Powerful Interests She’s Stood Up To

Saturday on Facebook, 6th congressional district Republican Jeanne Ives released the following print ad through Facebook:

Source: Jeanne Ives for Congress Facebook page

Along with the above print ad, the same Facebook post linked to the press release Ives’ campaign released last Monday concerning “A Silence of the Scams”, which McHenry County Blog published here.

Clearly, Ives is establishing herself as a reformer, and someone willing to stand up to powerful interests within both parties.

She’s previously used the same messaging against Congressman Sean Casten when H.R. 4863, the Export-Import Bank reauthorization act, passed passed the House with Casten’s vote on November 15, which was published on McHenry County Blog the same day.

Usually a candidate cannot go wrong calling out corruption, and Ives has a record to back up her call outs.

It’s a safe bet Ives’ campaign is using this anti-corruption/anti-cronyism message in her 4th quarter fundraising to finish the year strong raising money.

UPDATE: Ives issues new “Crony Capitalism” print ad against Sean Casten on Monday, mid-day

Link from ad, and today’s POLITICO article concerning Squad and Export-Import bank legislation (H.R. 4863):


IL-06: Jeanne Ives on Offense *UPDATE: New Print Ad Released Monday Afternoon at end of article* — 9 Comments

  1. Hahahah “And More.”

    This isn’t a bad mailer but she voted against property tax relief and against protecting insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, she recently said she was in favor of red flag gun laws where is the mailer talking about those votes?

    Not to mention the racist and other bigoted stuff she has said.


  2. can one be pro Life and Pro Death Penalty at the same time? discuss

  3. Jeanne- he cant be a capitalist and a socialist.

    Message discipline. I don’t know how a bunch of folks on here think she’s ready for prime time when she can’t even keep her attacks on message.

  4. What a great candidate is Jeanne. Isn’t her opponent in the general a guy who famously said AND inhumanely that an abortion was similar to a gall bladder operation? What kind of a monster is he comparing a fetus to a gall bladder?

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