Mary McClellan Seeks to Unmask McHenry County Blog Commenters’ Identities

McHenry Counry Circuit Court judicial candidate Mary McClellan didn’t like some of the comments posted under stories about her.

She didn’t like some so much that she filed a motion to force McHenry County Blog to reveal their internet addresses.

Her court filing is below:


Mary McClellan Seeks to Unmask McHenry County Blog Commenters’ Identities — 44 Comments

  1. Wow, I guess the Truth hurts.

    She takes things out of the context.

    She was not called a ‘whore’ she was called a Union 150 whore.

  2. Her case did not get tossed, yet, it is up in room 201 tomorrow.

    I stand by my comment quoted in her filing, she is a liar and lacks moral fiber.

    Truth is a complete defense to libel Mary.

    You would know that if you were actually a competent lawyer.

  3. Someone should tell her that you can’t Sue someone for speaking the truth – whether she likes it or not.

  4. I don’t see how can she claim the that she’s not a public figure since she’s running for public office?

    Seems to be the textbook definition of a public figure.

    She should be held to the highest standard in defamation cases, actual malice.

  5. I don’t think MM will have much luck with her claim that she is “…not currently a public figure.”

    She’s held elected office recently, ran for a judgeship in 2018, has recently sought appointment to a judgeship, and is currently a candidate for a judgeship.

    Also, her claim that she has “…at all times relevant hereto and prior to the publication of defamatory statements as listed below enjoyed a reputation of honesty and integrity within the community”, is quite a big pill to swallow, given what two Federal District Court Judges and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals had to say about her.

  6. How is it that she notarizes her own documents?

    As i understand it, that’s a no-no.

  7. I’m surprised she could pull herself away from her ‘Candy Crush’ game playing to have much time for much of anything.

  8. For once I agree with Heinrich.

    McClelland misuses her husband’s case to find out who’s castigating her. Pathetic.

    This case proves she can’t be a judge.

    Maybe in Cuba, but not here.

  9. I find this very interesting maybe along with the “Unmasking” the names of her supporters will surface also Hummm.oh yes Mary how many of your supporters are you….

  10. I have to wonder why the same person who notarized MM’s sig. on Oct. 9, 2019, Linda Bialek, didn’t notarize MM’s husband’s sig on the same day.

    Very strange and suspicious.

    But, hey, everything about MM is strange, deceptive and suspicious. Sorry, Mary, you really are.

    Another thing: She was always checking herself out in the window reflection of her office. Every single time.

    Another thing: She took a few bites from somebody’s macaroni and cheese lunch at their desk w/o asking and thought she got away with it.

    Another thing: She was always googling herself.

  11. I’m sending this whole thing to the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show.

    —- It’s so damned hilarious.

    If nepotism was a crime (which it ought to be), McClellan would be found as guilty as sin.

    She hired hubby Gil for her office when she was our seldom-seen County Clerk.

    Gil’s credentials are mysteriously missing.

    Wasn’t he accused of something shady or harassing by a co-worker?

    Did he do ANY work during his 4 year fiesta?

    These are questions that must be asked.

  12. The whole thing is so funny.

    Judge Mary McClellan?

    That won’t be funny, however

  13. Hey Cal, just for kicks why don’t you give them the ISP address for stand4truth?

  14. It is nice to see commentors held responsible for their own words.

  15. Unfortunately in the past at least, those who worked for the County were putting their livelihood at risk by publishing their real name if they criticized certain elected officials.

    Tough when you have a family to support.

  16. Nobody can unmask my sunshine blogger; he is a legendary open book of irrelevancy and charlatanry; and he has the immense belly to prove it. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  17. I see a SLAP ( frivolous suit) coming against her! Call should get his sty’s fees paid for.

  18. Did anybody think she wrote these things herself to get sympathy from the gullible?

  19. “Petitioners are persons of good character and credit and has (sic) maintained that character (sic) their whole live (sic).” Para. 4 of Crazy Petition.

    Now aside from all the grammatical errors, that’s a real whopper!

    How the Hell can the Druid Priestess Mary claim with a straight face she maintains good character ‘her whole life’ given what the federal judges found and wrote about her poor character in 2016?

    ‘Big wheel’ Gil keep on spurnin’,
    Proud Mary keep on burnin’
    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the Fox River
    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the Fox River.

  20. The thought of Mary McClellan becoming a Judge is sickening.

    It’s like asking former Judge Sharon Prather to come out of retirement…Ha…ha…ha…

  21. Typhoid Mary is bankrupt, in many ways…financially, morally, as a mother, lawyer, public employee, friend, wife, homeowner etc!

    It ought to be criminal to call her a lawyer unless the word ‘scam’ precedes it!

    We can never call her Judge!

    She has absolutely No Honor!

  22. This action clearly tells me that they came to the conclusion that she does not have a chance in hell of winning this election.

    Filing this petition dose not only exposes their revengeful characters, but also supports many of the commenter’s allegations against them in my option.

  23. She’s either a head case or she is on the warpath because she delusionally believes she must always get her way.

    That doesn’t say much about ‘Gil.’

    Look at the federal appellate review itself.

    She ought to have left sleeping dogs lie with her initial public rebuke from the 2 federal dist. Judges.

    But no.

    She had to appeal to clear her cruddy name in a defiant, lying rage which opened a 55 gallon drum of worms damning her ‘good name’ forever when the appellate findings expanded upon her wrongdoing, corruption and recklessness was publicly released,

    These are not character traits any sane person wants in a judge.

  24. Interesting tidbit came out during MM’s hearing today, besides displaying her incompetence as a lawyer, turns out she has filed for bankruptcy 4 times.

    She and Big Ed, the alleged sexual harasser, made $100,000 each for the four years she was clerk.

    That is a lot of headless ducks.

  25. Going by the amount of negative responses of her generated by this article, it would seem that her intimidation tactic is having the opposite effect she thought it would.

    Demonstrates a lack of understanding of human nature…definitely NOT judge material.

    Along with her procedural errors, one has to wonder how she ever passed the bar.

  26. 4 times really, I thought you had to wait 7 years to refile for bankruptcy?

    That’s almost a mathematical impossibility!

  27. I heard she never passes a bar.

    Too good of an opportunity to get signatures from drunks who dont know who the hell she is!

  28. She allegedly filed for bankruptcy four times but was only discharged in bankruptcy twice.

    This was for financial reasons, the moral and intellectually bankruptcy she suffers from is chronic.

  29. Thanks Hebron Hellraiser, I will never be able to listen to that song ever again. 🙂

  30. McClellan SCORED LOWEST on the Bar Assoc. ratings AGAIN!!! (and in all categories such as temperament, competency etc. )

    She also stated IN COURT that she had to start this suit For her Campaign!!!

    Why didn’t the Judge throw this out then?

    You can’t use the courts for your personal gain!

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