Mike Buehler Files Over 1,200 Signatures to Run for County Board Chairman Against Jack Franks

Crystal Lake small businessman Mike Beuhler filed to run for McHenry County Board Chairman Monday.

He reported a closed road was unable to deter him.

Queen Anne Road was closed.

At a Huntley Town Hall Meeting, Beuhler made these remarks:

Mike Buehler

“Like many of you I also know how to measure other things, like the size and cost of government.  

“On one hand what I think about government, cutting back makes sense but on the other hand I scratch my head wondering what our current chairman is doing.  

“Sometimes he makes decisions without even consulting department heads or board members.  

“A perfect example of this is on the decision on the upcoming budget to cut the budget of the Veterans Assistance Commission by $75,000.  

“And if you’re not familiar with the Veterans Assistance Commission they do help our indigent and disabled veterans in the county. 

“So that’s, that’s one thing that I think I shouldn’t be.

“And cutting the VAC levy is a bad idea for more than one reason and the obvious reason is that the current chair is hurting some of the most deserving people in our community. 

“These are the same people who have fought for our freedom so that we can live in beautiful communities such as Huntley and anywhere else in McHenry County. 

“And, their efforts are something that we benefit by every day. 

“And these heroes have earned our respect as they deal with aging and service related issues.

“So keep in mind that the VAC has already cut their own levy from $600,000 to $400,000 over the course of the last few years. 

“We’ve also reduced their surplus from 24 months to 6 months which is over $1,000,000 in cost savings by the department. 

“They’ve done this voluntarily.

“So how do we reward this? 

“Just by cutting them even more? 

“How many other agencies have reduced spending like this? 

“And how many others have seen such drastic cuts, but some would say that this is an ugly act of retribution coming from the chair to punish the commission. For what? For doing good work?

“If this is true this is not how government should be run. 

“This is not a kingdom of some man who decides he can do whatever he wants to do. 

“So this is not something that I will stand for as board chairman.

“And I think all of us can agree that the need for limited government is very important and the problem that McHenry County is more than a limited government it’s a matter of smart government. 

“It’s government for the people, and not for the whims or the benefits of those in office.”


Mike Buehler Files Over 1,200 Signatures to Run for County Board Chairman Against Jack Franks — 11 Comments

  1. Well, well. Well.

    Who can see the thin man in the dark cloak looking over the shoulder of our not so beloved County dictator.

    Jack it’s soon over. Savor you final days.

  2. Gosh, what will Scabby the Rat do without Jack Franks?

    Heard a rumor, the Local 150 is hiring washed up politicians.

    Lauren Underwood and Jack Franks have very polished resumes disclosing their long and winding experience digging holes.

    Please, whatever you do, jack Franks, take that good for nothing Carlos Acosta with you!

  3. Frank needs to go!

    What an evil man just like most of the politicians in Illinois.

  4. Mr. Buehler is the real deal and he won’t be taking a day off!

    He has my 100% endorsement!

  5. Mike Buehler is now the flame of light in the McHenry County Darkness….
    way to go Mike

  6. Once Mike Buehler is elected, the purse strings to Mike Madigan will be forever severed!

  7. Republican and Dena alike will like this man.

    So will admin staff!!!

    Buehler will also do his own work so Kevin Craver and Bridget German will have to exit the taxpayer gravy train.

    So many reasons to vote for Buehler.

  8. Pointing out the VAC budget issue was spot on.

    I spoke out at the last County board meeting demanding Jack Franks and the board address the budget issue regarding the VAC (which the board AND Mr. Franks tabled a year before). Over 20 veterans were at that County board meeting (and they are just as upset at the board). He didn’t even look me in the eyes, muttering something about that he wasn’t the one who tabled it). And yet, it has sat with no effort to bring the issue back up in front of the board.

    And would you believe, nothing has moved forward? It hasn’t even been discussed. It is as if no one had brought it up at all. Crickets.

    Jack Franks was the only Democrat I voted for in the 2016 election (due to his statements about reducing taxes & getting spending under control). The VAC has VOLUNTARILY reduced its budget multiple times, and is operating on a string budget (and cannot even retain the VSO’s necessary to the job nor can they bring any VSO’s on board as the job’s salary is seriously deficient to attract/keep VSO’s). And who suffers as a result? The Veterans of McHenry County. I personally do not understand why Mike at the VAC even stays on the job (dealing with such political footballs)…. wait – I know – he gives a damn about Veterans and is fighting the good fight despite the County Board’s actions. While having both arms tied behind his back. And if we lose Mike, they won’t be able to afford a replacement with even half of his skill/knowledge.

    Jack Franks is losing me and my support as a result, and if this continues – I will do what I can to support the effort to throw him out of office at the next election.

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