Steve Reick Running for Re-Election

Incumbents don’t usually wait until the last day for filing to present petitions.

But, that’s what State Rep. Steve Reick did.

He filed with the State Board of Elections at 1:11 PM.


Steve Reick Running for Re-Election — 11 Comments

  1. Didn’t either Reick or Skillicorn wait until the last day or second to last day last time around?

    There was speculation that they were trying to get that sweet Rauner money by making him uncomfortable, nervous that a Republican might not file.

    I’m not sure what the motivation would be this time around since the IL GOP’s bank account is so depleted, Rauner is gone, and Dirty Dan Proft can’t raise the money like he used to since the big donors figured out he’s a loser.

  2. ** nervous that a Republican might not file.**

    LOL – that’s… Not how it works at all.

  3. Times appear to be a-changin’ …

    If you want to live in a GOP stronghold with likeminded haters of education and science you should move to Alabama it appears…

    Maybe its for the best.

  4. Yes, it is, brainiac.

    Bruce Rauner was big on giving Republican candidates money, especially those who supported his agenda. Ask Sam McCann about that.

    Bruce Rauner was instrumental in helping Republicans gain seats in the House and keep Democrats from having a super-majority override in the House. The GOP did this in 2016.

    And my comment was about speculation anyway. People SPECULATED why Reick or Skillicorn may have waited. It’s a plausible explanation. An incumbent actually has some bargaining power, because if they don’t file then that would be a problem for Rauner.

    I think in general I’ll trust people who are involved with the Republican Party about things involving the Republican Party, not someone like you who is a hater of all things Republican and disagreeer just for the sake of disagreement.

  5. Before you point out that party leaders could name someone in the event that nobody files, I’ll point out to you that’s not good optics.

    Plenty of Democrats in this county have gone that route and it usually doesn’t work out for them.

    People don’t care much for party bosses picking candidates for them.

    An incumbent like Reick or Skillicorn would also be preferable from Rauner’s point of view because they know how things work, they have connections, and Rauner had a better idea of where they stood on issues.

  6. I thought this was simple but I guess people are having trouble grasping the concept, which is strange because the only reason I brought it up in the first place was because I’m pretty sure I read about it on this blog! If not it was Capitol Fax.

    Here’s how it works:

    A Republican governor would prefer to have more, not fewer Republicans, in the legislature. One reason would be to prevent veto overrides.

    An incumbent Republican could pretend they’re not running to get the governor to contact them. “Hey, buddy, I see you haven’t filed your papers yet. Are you going to run? We really need that seat.”

    Then the legislator could act reluctant and say they’re going to need a favor from the governor (more money).

    The legislator would be in a good place to bargain, since the governor would want his party to keep that seat.

    That is why an incumbent might wait, but like I said: that doesn’t apply to this election.

    So why did Reick wait?

    I don’t know. Heinrich thinks he may have been drinking.

    Another person might think he waited to give opponents less time to look over his petitions.

    Maybe a smart person can figure it out or just email him and ask.

  7. The lesser time for petition examination makes the most sense.

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