New Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce CEO

From the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce:

The Board of Directors of the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerceannounce Philip Fritsche as the new President and CEOof the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce; effective December 16, 2019.

Philip Fritsche brings with him a wealth of chamber experience, having worked in an Executive Director/President capacity for over 20 years at two different chamber organizations. 

Most recently, Philip has served as the President of the Beaver Dam (Wisconsin) Chamber of Commerce since 2003. In addition, Philip has worked on the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives Board of Directors since 2012; serving as President in 2016 & 2017.  

Furthermore, Philip has achieved a Certificate in Organization Management from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management. 

Philip has a passion for liaising with the public and the business community.   

During his career in Beaver Dam, Philip was responsible for establishing countless new programs and initiatives to promote professional development and assist with business success. Upon seeing a need to develop leadership in the county, Philip led the efforts to establish a formal community leadership program. 

Given the skills gap and worker shortage in the region, Philip helped form the Manufacturing Business Alliance to ensure the business community had better access to an essential trained workforce.

Philip is excited to learn more about, and become, part of the Crystal Lake community.


New Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce CEO — 2 Comments

  1. An example of a business unfriendly act in McHenry County, which includes all of Crystal Lake, follows.

    McHenry County is where in 2019 the County Board Chair, Democrat Jack Franks, lead an initiative to provide property tax rebates to residential property owners in the County, but not non residential property taxpayers.

    The act intentionally discriminated against non residential McHenry County property taxpayers, costing them money.

    A more equitable solution would be to further pay down pension and bond debt, which would reduce interest payments and be helpful for all property taxpayers, not just residential property taxpayers.

    Or to allow non residential property taxpayers to apply for the rebate too.

    Why would McHenry County shaft non residential property taxpayers?

    Was that fair to non residential property taxpayers?


    There were 52,858 residential property taxpayers who applied for the rebate by the July 31, 2019 deadline.

    How many residential property taxpayers missed out on the rebate by not applying or qualifying for the rebate?

    Zero non residential property taxpayers applied for the rebate on their property, as they were not eligible for the rebate.


    Here were the 3 criteria for the residential property tax rebate:

    1. Did you own a residential property in McHenry County on April 16, 2019?

    2. Was this property owner-occupied with a homestead exemption on April 16, 2019?

    3. Were the 2017 property taxes (payable in 2018) paid in full?


    How many non residential property taxpayers did not qualify for the rebate?



    McHenry County residential property taxpayers might think this is a great idea in the short run, but of course some of them want jobs, and what message did that discriminatory act send to job creators?

    It could only hurt, not help, in the decision making process to open a new business in McHenry County, relocate a business in McHenry County, or maintain a business in McHenry County.


    To pour salt on the wound for non residential property taxpayers, the County Board Chair has said repeatedly that McHenry County has high property taxes, and had a campaign pledge in 2016 to lower property taxes 10%.

    Now it comes out that he does not treat all property taxpayers equally.

    Excluding the Valley Hi property tax rebates from non residential property taxpayers resulted in those property taxes not being eligible to further lower their property taxes.

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