Third Candidate for Republican Nomination for Coroner Surfaces

Funeral Director Mark L. Justen filed petitions for the GOP spot on the ballot for Coroner.

He joins former County Board member Dr. Michael Rein and Angela Byrnes.

No Democrat filed for the office.


Third Candidate for Republican Nomination for Coroner Surfaces — 7 Comments

  1. Good grief talk about conflict of interest…

    The other funeral home directors that I’ve talked with are not happy about this at all and are very concerned if he were to be elected.

    Have you reached out to them for a comment?

    Also, why do you now refer to Mike as Dr in your posts because you never have before prior to this race?

    What does a chiropractor have in his experience to do with death and investigations?Why the bias Cal?

  2. I think you know the answer to the question about Rein’s title, Undertaker, although this is not unprecedented.

    Joe Tirio, Glenda Miller, Pam Palmer, and Ann Majewski were referring to him as Dr. Rein in March of 2018 when he was running for county board.

    What don’t the other funeral home directors like about Justen?

    Did they have specific complaints?

  3. Correcting, it’s a gross conflict of interest that you could send the stiffs to your family’s funeral homes!

    No no no, we don’t need any more politicians with conflicts.

    Franks = solar farm interests etc.

    Dr Rein IS a Doctor. Let people know.

  4. That’s fakes a burial of a homeless veteran for publicity. Not buried in that cemetery

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