Two Dems, Three GOP in County Board District 6

There will be three [in the original post, I missed one] Republicans and two Democrats running against each other in the fall election.

Incumbent Mary McCann did not filed for re-election.

Incumbent Jim Kearns did, however.

The other two Republicans are Tracie Von Bergen of Hebron and Dan Bertrand of Marengo.

They will face off against Democrats

  • Nancy  Glissman of Huntley
  • Larry  Spaeth of Harvard


Two Dems, Three GOP in County Board District 6 — 6 Comments

  1. Mr Corn on the cob is absolutely correct

    Now with Rino McCann out, we have Jim Kearns and Tracie Von Bergen….either one is good

  2. The republicans are a complete mess from the top down.

    They don’t go after political criminals.

    They cower.

    Those brave and dumb souls who do expose malfeasance are booted right out of the party.

    Democrat takeover in McHenry County thanks to leaders like Kearns and Christinsen who thought they could stretch across party lines and get along with the devil.

    All they did was make it easier to remove the guys who actually knew wtf they were doing.

  3. Larry Spaeth wants transvestite day at Harvard Library.

    Ask him!!!!!

  4. I’ve known Larry for over 30 years.

    He’s flakey all right.

    He should clean up own home’s exterior.

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