Three Republican Committee Person Contests

There are usually not many contests for party posts at the precinct level.

The grassroots positions don’t pay.

About the only “benefit” is that one get fundraising invitations.

The only power is a vote for officers of the Republican Party Central Committee.

Here are the races coming up:

Algonquin 18

  • Mary E. Cardelli 
  • Melissa A. Sanchez‐Fischer

Algonquin 21

  • Rachael Lawrence
  • Michael G. Rein 

McHenry 12

  • Timothy F. Beck 
  • Jeffrey L. Speciale 
  • Kevin C. McConville 


Three Republican Committee Person Contests — 11 Comments

  1. Run for Precint Committee Person and get discounts on fundraisers does not sound like much of an inducement.

  2. Well actually it does sound like an attractive inducement.

    If it’s your job to vet candidates and find out about their stance on policies, I would really welcome a discounted entrance into candidate events.

    You also get a voice at convention to vote for County Party Leadership, you have influence among the people in your precinct (if you’re a respectable citizen), you get free training, a free dinner at the PC appreciation event with prizes, and IF your good at what you’re doing, you’ll get support and encouragement to run for higher office.

  3. I’d go with:

    Mary Cardelli (always get my PC letter and sample ballot on time and in good order)

    Michael Rein (well respected candidate who has been approached to run several times in Alg Township) and Timothy ( if it’s the same Tim Beck who constantly addresses issues in the editorials in the NitWits Herald. He’s on fire!)

  4. Cal you know what’s going on here why don’t you share it with the folks.

    And it has nothing whatsoever to do with discounted meal tickets.

  5. Well the drama of that rap sheet didn’t disappoint-but she sure did!

    Child endangerment, trying to frame a cop, amateur porn, drinking to destruction, can’t drive from multiple DUI’s, harassment, losing her kids…

    Why would anyone even think of putting this woman in any elected position.

  6. Please share your information.

    In Algonquin 18, the same candidates faced off two years ago.

  7. Fierabras, people only really run for PC to get a say in the county leadership, because they want to use it as a stepping stone for higher office, or because they want a title. Anybody can knock on doors and tell people to vote.

    I’m curious what you think is “going on here.”

    And, no, the discount on fundraisers (and by extension meals) is not a major reason for people to run for PC, but it is a nice perk to pay significantly less than normal price.

  8. “Why would anyone even think of putting this woman in any elected position.”

    Ask Andrew Gasser, they ran on the same ticket don’t ya know!

  9. The Nob, she fooled some people, but now we know.

    She was better than the Democrats and Miller minions, til she became one!

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