Commenter Tells Some of What Happened in the Courtroom in Mary McClellan Suit Against McHenry County Blog

From commenter “Heinrick” about the faceoff between Circuit Court candidate Mary McClellan and McHenry County Blog attorney Robert Hanlon:

MM’s conduct at the hearing was so pathetic you almost felt sorry for her.

In a crowded court room, not a single lawyer spoke to her.

Whatever someone may think about Hanlon, he effectively showed what a poor lawyer McClellan is.

Her complaint was stricken for being inadequate.

She insisted the defendant’s were trying to delay the case because “it is an election cycle.”

She said she will file an amended complaint and the case is up again on 1/14.

Great theater as this if you have the time.

Watch as this public nuisance and her useless, alleged sexual harassing husband waste more of the county’s money.

= = = = =

Can anyone else who was in the courtroom add more details?


Commenter Tells Some of What Happened in the Courtroom in Mary McClellan Suit Against McHenry County Blog — 16 Comments

  1. A sad headcase.

    But why was Mary Nader pushing her so much?

    Look who signed her petitions and circulated them!!!!


  2. Poor thing.

    Will she go on relief when she can’t win the judge race?

    Is she on welfare now?

  3. Didn’t she learn from her federal appeal that when you stir up the toilet, a lot of bad stuff comes to the surface?

    Nobody’s going to sugar coat anything for her now.

    She’s finished.

    She ought to move away.

    Maybe in Nepal she can escape her sordid past.

  4. Hanlon, knows what he is doing.

    He’s a professional class act.

    Mary is just pathetic.

    Too bad, she doesn’t have a brain, because she will never get a clue.

    She is too wrapped up in her bloated ego.

    Usually, that is what is defined as “NARCISSISM”

  5. Mary McClellan, filed an amended complaint.

    She might as well have signed the death of her campaign to become a Judge.

  6. Ed Herrmann, Mary Nader and Mary McClellan are from the days of the Nygren Regime.

    In my opinion, Nader is another one that should not be allowed to sit as a Judge.

    I have been a first hand witness to some of her conduct on the bench and in public; it’s not good.

    Nader is not the only old timer from the Nygren Regime.

    They should just leave McHenry County.

  7. I do agree with Beekeeper. Her and her husband’s ONLY hope is to move far away.

    She will never get elected into any office within this or surrounding counties.

    Her husband has acquired such a bad rep it will be hard for him to also find work here.

    Moving is the only logical option.

    Staying in the area and stirring the pot more just digs them both in deeper and deeper for a bleak future.

    We have all seen who they are and I think the majority has had enough.

  8. I read the story in the NW Herald today. It appears that MM is obsessed with finding out who the blogger ‘Nunya’ is.


    It seems to me like ‘Nunya’ outted her husband for collecting benefits from both unemployment and a workman’s comp claim.

    If that is true, wouldn’t it make her lawsuit void?

    I mean, how can you file a defamation suit against someone if the information posted is true?

    My sister handles workmans comp claims and she said that constitutes fraud and is a big no-no.

    A BIG HUGE No-No!

    She said that if in fact that’s what happened, he could be fined and possibly serve jail time.

    Committing a crime is not privileged information, or is it?

    I am not a lawyer.

    Does anyone know for sure if that is what happened?

    I would imagine it can’t be that hard to find out.

    I’m thinking if it IS true, her entire lawsuit is all for not.

    Or am I missing something?

  9. Tom Slick, don’t assume these two degenerates want to work.

  10. Gil is persona no grata at “The Cottage” —- a difficult feat.

  11. WoW DALA, after all of these years you bring up the Nygren Regime?

    You need to get over it and forget about those dark times, and sit back and eat your butter popcorn. 🙂

  12. Some people don’t know how to get over it, but I am not one of them.

    And, some people are so un-evolved and immature they can’t accept rejection or the word “NO” for an answer.

    They have no regard for or awareness of other peoples, thoughts, or opinions and have no boundaries.

    Typically, that is what is defined as a Narcissistic Personality Disorder!

    or the poor me syndrome!

    Time to get over yourself!

    It’s pathetic!

  13. I am just guessing here,,,

    Lets say she made at Least $100 Grand a year plus perks…

    lets say Gill made the same or close….

    so with $400,000 a year coming in how reckless does one have to be to go Belly up with that kind of income

  14. Good question Bill.

    Mary McClellan should be required to provide all of her financial information.

  15. Mary McClelland should move to France.

    Or any place at least 4500 miles away!

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