Precinct Committeepersons Filings for McHenry County Final

These are the people who have filed for precinct committeepersons in McHenry County.

Everyone on this list except the four candidates in contested races who do not win (see this article) will be elected precinct committeeperson on March 17 for their respective established political party.

Please note, this list is only for candidates who filed to appear on the ballot. Write-in candidacies are not included.

This list is broken out by political parties:


Precincts filled: 76 with 80 candidates

Republican candidates in contested races are in bold type:

Algonquin Township precincts

2: Kevin Byrnes
4: Danijela Sandberg
7: John Reinert
11: Maureen Huff
13: Rita Heuel
16: Lou Anne Majewski
18: Mary Cardelli
18: Melissa Sanchez-Fischer
21: Rachael Lawrenece
21: Michael G. Rein
23: Jacqueline Penze
35: John Pletz
41: Rodney Covenah
42: Theresa Fronczak
51: Eileen Marhoefer
59: Scott Taillet
62: Nicholas Sanchez
65: John Bobrytzke

McHenry Township precincts

3: John Macrito
4: Jason Artner
6: Michael Kaminski
12: Timothy Beck
12: Jeffrey Speciale
12: Kevin McConville
15: Carl Kamienski
16: Wayne Smith
18: Joseph Szramek
21: Charles “Chuck” Wheeler
23: Craig Adams
24: Cecilia Serritella
26: Andy Glab
27: Kirk Donald
28: Christopher Shurrer
29: Erik Sivertsen
30: James Condon
31: Gary Barla
33: Marsha Nelson
34: Craig Wilcox

Grafton Township precincts

1: Michael Skala
4: Orville Brettman
5: Jeffrey Thorsen
7: Fredrick Wickham
8: Carolyn Schofield
9: George Gow
13: Shannon Teresi
15: Jay Tebell
24: Charles Hoffman
26: Joseph Camp, Jr.
28: Cheryl Meyer

Nunda Township precincts:

2: Robert Borchert
5: Timothy Parrish
6: Michael Lesperance
7: Kelvin Lee Jennings
11: Mark Daniel
12: Eric Dowd
13: Robert Parrish
14: Norman Vinton
15: Joseph “Joe” Gottemoller
21: Joni Smith

Dorr Township precincts:

1: Michael Rein
2: Richard Rostron
5: Mary Schuch
6: Karen Tirio
8: Katherine Keefe
10: Daniel Regna
11: John Jung, Jr.

Northwestern townships precincts:

Alden 1: Alan Plant
Chemung 1: Glenda Miller
Chemung 2: Ersel Schuster
Coral 3: James Kearns
Dunham 1: Tyler Wilke
Greenwood 2: Michael McCleary
Greenwood 4: Michael Freeman
Hartland 1: Diane Evertsen
Hebron 1: Mark Shepherd
Marengo 2: Linda Creamer
Marengo 3: Robin Shetley
Richmond 2: Kathryn Miller
Richmond 3: Tamara Valentine-Garza
Riley 1: Kurt Schnable


Precincts filed: 55 with 55 candidates

Algonquin Township precincts

4: Katherine Martin
10: Sandra Bartholmey
12: Deanna Darling
19: Gregory Alexander
21: Karen Migaldi
30: Phil Heil
32: Marianne Fontes
33: Nick Chirikos
34: Taylor Johnson
36: John Labaj
40: Daniel Giallombardo
42: Kristy Smith
48: Theresa Hart
50: Ruth Scifo
51: Robert Barton
52: Mary Ewert
66: Edward Gogol

McHenry Township precincts

1: Martha “Marti” Swanson
2: David Trost
6: Dorothea King
10: Melissa “Missy” Funk
21: Robert Rosenberg
28: Andrew McKay
28: Mary Mahady
32: Terry Kappel
35: Robert Schroyer

Grafton Township precincts

1: Lisa Arvanites
7: Jill McCutcheon
8: Miriam Smith
12: Michael Bissett
23: Peter Atterberg
26: Nancy Glissman

Nunda Township precincts

1: Kathleen Bergan Schmidt
4: Robert Janz
18: Nancy Schietzelt
22: Sandra Jensen Briggs
25: Kristina Zahorik

Dorr Township precincts

1: Lynn Gray
2: Michael Krause
4: Ann Legg
5: Jennifer Wegmann-Gabb
11: Brian Meyers
12: Anthony “Tony” Casalino

Northwestern townships precincts

Alden 1: Jim May
Burton 2: Robin Taylor
Chemung 1: Lisa Haderlein
Coral 1: Henry Pepper Franks
Coral 2: Margaret Ruelius
Coral 3: David Alexander
Dunham 1: Larry Spaeth
Greenwood 1: Joseph Galli
Greenwood 3: Mark Nichols
Hebron 1: Susan Reed
Riley 1: Mary Johnson
Seneca 1: Michelle Mendoza


Precinct Committeepersons Filings for McHenry County Final — 12 Comments

  1. Useless job.

    My Dad did it in the 80s.

    He said it was pointless because so many of the committee where County employees who took orders from Al Jordan.

    Now it looks like nobody does it.

  2. So many vacancies.

    The GOP is DOA in McHenry County.

    Half the ‘Republicans’ are Democrats …. Lawrence,
    Macrito, Jung, Gottemollex

  3. It takes six hours to knock on every door in my precinct.

    I have two bad ankles.

  4. Many of the Democrats are cultural Marxists.

    Marti Swanson is an actual Marxist.

    No joke.

  5. My counting could have been off; feel free to double check.

    In 2016, 35 Democrats were elected PC and 153 Republicans were elected PC.

    In 2018, the Democrats had 62 precincts filled through election and Republicans had 136.

    Today, Democrats are competing for 55 precincts and Republicans are competing for 76.

    In 2016, 22 Republicans ran for County Board in the primary.

    In 2018, 16 Republicans ran for County Board in the primary.

    Today, Republicans have 12 candidates for County Board.

    So between 2016 and now, you have about 50 percent fewer Republicans running for County Board and PC.

    That sounds like a dying a political party.

  6. @correcting

    What it is that you are seeing is a Party flushing RINOs from it’s ranks.

    Yes, the Republican Party has lost a few frustrated and burned out souls, but they emerge stronger, better lead, and completely energized to take on the task of not only taking back the 14th and 6th district, but to riding our County of it’s self appointed King and usurper Lying Jack Franks.

  7. Pletz and Schofield alias “Nanouchka” thought they were filing as democrats.

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