Virginia Firm Makes Only Cost-Benefit Proposal for Consolidating McHenry Township with County Government

For a total of $49,155 the firm of Urban Analytics of Alexandra, Virginia, proposes to perform a cost-benefit study for abolishing McHenry Township and having McHenry County government and/or municipalities take over its functions.

Here is the index of the proposal:

Here is the cope of the study:


Virginia Firm Makes Only Cost-Benefit Proposal for Consolidating McHenry Township with County Government — 9 Comments

  1. I’ll give you a clue on how to cost-benefit. STOP hiring firms to give you stupid figures that only work on paper! This is frivolous spending!

  2. Cindy may be right.

    This has all been done before.

    Townships are a big waste full of pension piggery.

    They are not ‘closest to the people’ …. more like closest to the creeple!

  3. It WAS done!

    A Better Government Association investigation into the financial records of the 20 largest Cook County suburban townships uncovers a web of government hamlets that are hoarding millions of dollars in property taxes, overpaying to fix and maintain a smattering of roads and bankrolling a number of costly, often redundant, jobs and social services not mandated by any law.

    Collectively, these 20 townships racked up nearly $264 million in assets primarily from property taxes, including $87 million in cash on about $77 million in debts during the last fiscal year ending in early 2010, the BGA investigation reveals.

  4. Question?

    where did they find this outfit ?

    and who chose them?

  5. I have seen so many studies of this type in my line of work as a municipal bond analyst, most of which weren’t worth the paper they were printed on.

    Our term for studies such as this is “MAI”, which stands for “Made as Instructed”.

    Such studies always have two foreordained conclusions.

    The first conclusion is whatever the party paying for the study wanted the conclusion to be.

    The second conclusion is that more consulting is needed.

  6. The vast majority of these cost-benefit studies will show conclusions that reflect the views of the party who commissioned the study.

  7. Northern IL University did a study, but it was poorly done with no cost benefit study.

    Mike Shorten, Bob Anderson, and pals did a poor job of presenting there case a couple years ago because they didn’t do a complete cost benefit study, only partial which is why it got shot down so quickly.

    While most studies are a waste of $$$$$ partially if not completely, there has never been a cost benefit study on McHenry twh or any other McHenry co twh.

    We aren’t Cook co or any other place on earth, while gov agencies are similar, they aren’t the same exactly.

    Let’s see what the results are, then whine like babies when you don’t like what it tells you.

    Eliminating a gov agency sounds good, but making our county gov bigger, is that truly better?

  8. The niu study trashed townships, so of course the nob, Bobby Numbskull Miller, deplores it.

  9. Yup, the NIU study did trash townships, but it was based on emotions not complete costs benefit studies.

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