AJ’s Mother Enters Guilty Plea to Murder

From the Chicago Tribune:

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From the McHenry County State’s Attorney:


On December 5, 2019, Joanne Cunningham pleaded guilty to the offense of Murder, Count II of the Bill of Indictment, for her part in the beating death of her son, Andrew Thomas “AJ” Freund, Jr., in April of 2019.

Defendant Cunningham faces between 20 and 60 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Pursuant to truth-in-sentencing guidelines, Defendant Cunningham will not be eligible for parole and must serve 100% of her sentence.

The case has been set for status of sentencing on January 30, 2020.

This case is being prosecuted by State’s Attorney Kenneally, First Assistant Rita Gara, and Criminal Supervisor Randi Freese.


AJ’s Mother Enters Guilty Plea to Murder — 15 Comments

  1. I am sickened that this happened and even more sickened that it could have been prevented had the DCFS and their agent Carlos Acosta had been doing their jobs…

    and even more that sickened is todate nothing has been done about it

    Are we to just shrug our shoulders and say “OH Well”

  2. Bill Matteson, I do not believe people will sit back.

    The question should be was Carlos Acosta working for DCFS or Blair Counseling & Mediation?

    Blair Counseling and Mediation works to provide tools to all ages that can be used to save marriages, relationships, manage depression or anxiety, and help children with behavioral concerns.

    We are certified to complete anger evaluations and anger management sessions for court.

    We provide a respectful and understanding approach to addiction.

    Our expert mediators aim to bring peace to marriages, families, divorces, and any other dispute.

    In addition to marriage and family mediation, we can provide divorce mediation, co-parenting counseling, reunification therapy and supervised visitations.

    I would hope Acosta was not allowed to counsel the defendant, in anyway during her incarceration, to prepare her for Court.

  3. In my opinion if there’s publicity and an easy case Kenneally will be out in the spotlight taking the credit and bows like he’s responsible yet any high profile cases he’s missing in action.

  4. Go say hi to Acosta at his County Board meetings.

    Look him in the eyes as you ask him that very question.

    Watch how that creature reacts to being held accountable.

    Decide whether you’re going to be part of the solution in getting him off the County Board and fired by DCFS.

    Then act on that decision.

    If any one of you decide to sit out any more elections you get to have every opinion you ever voice mocked until you’re dead.

    This is a dead child who was murdered by parents DCFS were explicitly told by law enforcement and community members were a danger to the child.

    Acosta should be fired and put away for his negligence.

    What are YOU doing to see this done?

  5. Is a 20 year sentence even possible?

    I hope she rots in a prison cell for the rest of her life!

    And she can only take ice cold showers and eat marshmallows that entire time!

    That poor,sweet innocent child!

    May you rest in peace AJ.

    God has his arms around you now.

    No one can ever hurt you again!

  6. I hope the judge takes everything into consideration, including the 1000’s of lives this has had an impact on- severe grief.

    I sincerely hope he gives the maximum because of the lifetime of cruel treatment AJ suffered.

  7. She pled guilty to the murder charge.

    They dropped all the other charges.

    It feels like another blow to AJ.

    20 years is not justice, 60 years is not justice.

    All of the years combined with the murder and all other charges wouldn’t have been enough.

    Seems like no justice will be served here and it is heartbreaking to say the least.

    May AJ feel the love and light from those who have come to love him from his tragic death.

    I know my heart holds him close every day and my actions to see justice feel fruitless at the moment but hope changes will be made for the many other AJ’s still suffering in silence today.

  8. Justice can only be rewarded after this animal’s death, and be judged by our Lord, and sent to a place were her soul will burn for eternally.

  9. How does a State’s Attorney who has an open and shut case give away a natural life sentence for 20 to 60 years?

    That’s a joke.

    There is no justice here.

    Just a State’s Attorney who wants to brag that he got a murder conviction.

    I hope she doesn’t get out and do the same thing to another innocent child.

    Please vote Kenneally out of office.

    This is far from the first time violent offenders got off easy under his watch.

  10. I’m not sure if Acosta should be charged criminally but perhaps a grand jury should decide.

  11. I seem to remember a lot of yahoos on this blog supporting Pat in 2016 because he didn’t have a pony tail.

    What a group of intellectuals.

  12. Correcting, You mean the guy with the pony tail that was friends with Beth Bentley, who was murdered.

  13. Acosta could care less about white children like AJ.

    They are expendable and must be replaced by Third worlders Then we can all live in Peace & Plenty like Jack Franks and Bernie say.

  14. I just watched the 2 hour plus video of her sentencing hearing.

    The videos of her tormenting this sweet little boy made me literally vomit.

    I broke off all my fingernails and ground my teeth till my jaw ached wishing I could reach through my tv and choke the life out of this evil demon whore.

    The psycho had the nerve to cry!!

    I’ve never felt hatred for someone like this especially someone I’ve never met.

    But my blood is boiling.

    My first thought was I need to write a damnation letter to this waste of flesh and tell her how sickening she is.

    But the anger and disgust is so overwhelming I can’t even form a sentence.

    She deserves nothing less than to be tortured to death.

    In all of the videos of her tormenting him I couldn’t get past his sweet little voice aching for his mother to love him and struggling to explain to her that she was not treating him right and he wanted someone to save him from her and her boyfriend.

    Heart wrenching.

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