Efforts to Abolish Village of Oakwood Hills Spur Active Opposition

A web site called “Save Oakewood Hills” has appeared in response to a petition drive to put a question on the ballot.


That’s the way the web site begins.

Continuing, these are the subheadlines:



A small group of disgruntled residents are actively collecting signatures to add the question of dissolution to the March ballot and vote it in.   

If this is allowed to happen, then our village will cease to exist.    

IF this is allowed to happen….. 

All assets of the town will be liquidated.

The police department will be disbanded.

Village Hall will be permanently closed.  

All of the aspects and resources you have come to love about Oakwood Hills will be gone forever.    

Your property value will decrease and insurance will increase due to lack of police presence. 

You will be alone, just another unincorporated house in McHenry County.   

If you need police help you will be waiting on McHenry County Sheriff’s Dept. 

You will have to deal with and go to the county building in Woodstock for everything.   

There will be no beaches, parks and trails. The best beach in the state will disappear.   

If you do not live directly on Silver Lake, it will be lost to you forever. 

All services will be handled by Nunda Township and McHenry County.   

That includes all roads and potholes.    

If you think waiting for a snowplow is frustrating now…. You will be waiting in a long line for  a Nunda Township truck to come.  What will the condition of the roads in the “hills” be like after several inches of fallen snow…or worse, are covered in ice? 

Don’t think that this can’t happen?

 It is a relatively easy matter in Illinois to get this measure on a ballot, and it only takes a simple majority vote to kill all that we have come to be in this community. 


Get Involved And Save Your Community 

Volunteers Are Needed

You must vote NO to this question when it appears on the next ballot.  If you are not yet registered to vote, please do so here…   https://ova.elections.il.gov/

Email us at Hometown@saveoakwoodhills.com 

Join us on Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/groups/3117078695097906/



Efforts to Abolish Village of Oakwood Hills Spur Active Opposition — 19 Comments

  1. Ah, agenda 21 erasing all vestiges of quiet independent life. People have no idea of the war that is going on (and has been for quite a long while). If you fold into larger governances you are losing your power to do ANYTHING against “the new world order”. You are voting yourself insignificant. Which seems to be de rigueur today.

  2. I am currently selling high precision Idiot Detectors to the Lumpenproles , for the bargain price of $29.95.

    Guaranteed to filter dubious information, of worthless cowlike imbeciles such as Cindy.

  3. From the Tax hikes some of you got I should think you would be so happy to dissolve this postage stamp and SAVE $$.

    You have plenty around you to depend on.

  4. Sooooooo….

    People move to Oakwood Hills out of love for the Village Hall and Police Department.

    The McHenry County Sheriff, Nunda Township and McHenry County Roads Departments, McHenry County Conservation District and Township/County Governments are utterly incompetent so folks need Oakwood Hills Government to save them from those other destructive forces.

    And, wait for it, Oakwood Hills has the best beach in the State.

    Sounds utterly reasonable.

    While we’re at it let’s disband ALL those other incompetent governmental units and let the wildly loved Oakwood Hills Village Hall and PD run the whole county so we can ALL be saved!


    We couldn’t have cared less which way this went until this.

    Disband them as they are clearly insane.

  5. Have rarely ever heard an Oakwood Hills resident say a nice thing about their Police or Village Hall.

    Speed traps for residents, parking tickets galore, tried to sneak in a Power Plant cleaning site, have heard it ad naseum for years from folks living there—and now they cant do without either?

  6. Dj? I weigh 118 pounds. Hardly cowlike you freaking moron! Do you EVER say anything intelligent?

  7. “If you need police help you will be waiting on McHenry County Sheriff’s Dept.

    You will have to deal with and go to the county building in Woodstock for everything.”

    Haven’t these people heard of telephones?

  8. It’s like I just gave an 80 year lady, a kind of magical youth potion, to enable her to riff for hours on end without a nap.

  9. Get rid of the rotten borough!

    More pensions, taxes, liabilities to pay.

    Cindy wake up.

    Smaller government is not necessarily better government.

    Look how the townships rip us off on a daily basis!

  10. None of you people understand what is really going on. You never see “Mad Max” or any of those misanthropic biopics? Do you understand the goals of the new world order? Do you not see that one united everything is against God? Does your national governance make you feel safe and the UN makes you feel even safer? Then keep marching to the pied piper drummer that big governance is the only way to escape slavery. Not one of you understands the big picture. How easy is it to control your county or your state? How easy do you think it will be to “fix” ANYTHING at all once your governance is NOT local? You are throwing away your chance to be seen or heard on any matters EVER. Here’s a scenario for you: The local gang rips us off constantly so let’s get the monster gigantic gang to come and take over. Great way to NOT solve a problem! Now you have just rendered yourself obsolete.

  11. I am absolutely chagrined to see reprobates like Dj show such disdain for the elderly. Had it not been for the elderly – YOU would NOT be here!

  12. Cindy are you saying that people who live in unincorporated areas are under more control than people who live in cities?

  13. Cindy it’s not disdain for the elderly, it’s disdain for the the loony tunes nut jobs.

    Put on the tin foil hat, please.

  14. Absolutely NOT, Correcting. I am saying you are speeding the Communist take-over by getting behind any of the breaking up of even meager local control. Do you NOT see that I am saying precisely the opposite of what you are asking?

  15. And why pray tell, Stephen, do you think you can judge others as looney tune nut jobs? What is the criteria you are using to judge others so? What makes you think YOU are not the nut job? Your Dunning-Kruger effect is showing.

  16. This part is ridiculous:

    ‘Your property value will decrease and insurance will increase due to lack of police presence’

    The McHenry County Sheriff’s respond pretty quick.

  17. Cindy, please don’t hyperventilate on us. Take some off to pray and play boggle with Mr. Tranz.

  18. Wait didn’t you see that Nunda Township has put a referendum question on the March 2020 ballot to abolish the Township in 2037.

    So yes during this time you still will have Nunda Township, Algonquin Township, Cary and Prairie Grove to deal with your Roads, have you spoken to the 4 entities to have a plan put together on who will do snowplowing and maintenance and if I remember right if the closest police officer is Cary, Prairie Grove or McHenry County one of the 3 will respond to a call.

    If you abolish the Village who will take care of the Lake?

    Who ever was doing the research to find out who owned the lake, did you find out that information?

    Our parks who will take care of them, will you create an Homeowners Association to take care of it?

    The fen is in the Conservation District so it will continue to be taken care of!

    You talk about a power plant, that was Chuck Walneck trying to put it on the land he owns next to the Village Hall!

    Well as a Village we stood together packing the Village Hall then the meeting had to be moved to a larger location, Oakwood Hills didn’t back down and they shouldn’t back down on this issue!

    I think it’s a bad to abolish the Village.

    But who am I, I’m just a past resident that has served 8 years on the board of Trustees for Oakwood Hills!

    All this back and forth name calling isn’t going to get you anywhere but show just how small and ignorant you are for a community that has done well for it residents!

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