More on Mary McClellan’s Bankruptcy Petitions

From Illinois Leaks, re-posted with permission:

Mary McCellan, McHenry County Judicial Candidate’s 4th Bankruptcy could be problematic in local case


McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Most in McHenry County may not realize the local candidate for Judge, Mary McClellan, along with Edward Gil, filed a Rule 224 petition seeking discovery to advance claims for a purported defamation action sounding in per se defamation against Cal Skinner, owner/editor of the McHenry County Blog and other unknown people. 

We are working on getting a copy of the filing and will publish it when we do.

From the records we have obtained to date, it appears McCellan may have a much bigger problem of her own making. 

Ed Gil and Mary McClellan in 2011.

We encourage people to remember that Mary McClellan is running for election to be a Judge. 

With that in mind, we urge everyone to read every document included in this article and become educated on this candidate.

According to court records, McCellan filed for Bankruptcy on April 30, 2019. 

This makes the 4th time McCellan has filed bankruptcy.  She filed a Chapter 13 in 1996, Chapter 7 in 1999, another Chapter 7 with Edward Gil in 2009, and then the current Chapter 13 Filing in April of 2019.  A copy of her filed income statement can be viewed at this link.

As part of the Bankruptcy Rights and Responsibilities agreement filed in the case, McClellan is required to notify her attorney if she wishes to file a lawsuit. 

We contacted her attorney to find out if he was notified of the actions she is taking in State Court did not hear back prior to this publication.   

As we understand the reasoning behind the obligation to notify her attorney of such an intent, the Bankruptcy rules have specific rules on judicial actions being stayed upon a filing in the Federal Court.

We have not found an entry in the Federal Docket seeking relief from the bankruptcy court’s automatic stay which could be problematic for her.

While we have not found a motion for relief from stay regarding state court litigation she has initiated, we did find an interesting Order on a motion to incur more debt, and it was granted. 

The Federal Court granted her request to incur more debt for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle and capped the total debt limit for that vehicle at $30,000 with monthly payments not to exceed $525.

Several other McHenry County filings on behalf of Cal Skinner and responses to those filings appear to be exposing a fair amount of history of McClellan, candidate for Judge.

We will keep our readers informed as these matters move through the courts, assuming McClellan tries to keep this case alive rather than withdrawing it, which would probably be the best move she has in our opinion.


More on Mary McClellan’s Bankruptcy Petitions — 7 Comments

  1. Haven’t heard a peep from her all week.

    Something is brewing.

    Either she decided to hire a ‘real’ attorney or she’s packing her bags…

  2. Why is it the NWH sees the outrage over AJ but actively supports Mary M?

    Is there not a similarity between AJ’s father allowing abuse and taking no action as what MM was requested to admit?

    AJ’s father is a lawyer and so is MM.

    why different treatment of facts?

  3. Great question Frank!

    But could it be that Jack Franks controls the narrative of the Northwest Herald and he’s a supporter of McClellan and Acosta.

    Franks surrounds himself with people he can control.

    Did Franks’ Daddy’s bank bail out the Herald?

    NWHerald were about to close their doors a couple of years ago and now the Shaw group just bought two more papers.

    The sudden change in their format and opinion platform is way too obvious not to question.

  4. then she is better at it then our President.

    Fact Check: Has Trump declared bankruptcy four or six times?

    “You’ve taken business bankruptcies six times.”
    –Hillary Clinton

    “On occasion – four times – we used certain laws that are there.”

    –Donald Trump

    THE FACT CHECKER | Clinton is correct.

    Trump’s companies have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which means a company can remain in business while wiping away many of its debts. The bankruptcy court ultimately approves a corporate budget and a plan to repay remaining debts; often shareholders lose much of their equity.

  5. If you don’t know this by now the NWH is nothing but FAKE NEWS…. headline grabbers … nothing more…

  6. Dave Chapman, those were business bankruptcies.

    McClellan is personally bankrupt.

    Big difference.

  7. McClellan was and remains a Franks’ kitty.

    She was directed to 150 by Franks.

    Franks loves her.

    She’s another liar and fake, so why wouldn’t he?

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